Imagine a World With No Toilet Paper

It's easy if you try.

Toilet paper? Really, toilet paper? We are looking at an uncertain future in the face of a pandemic, and yet the one item that is essentially sold out everywhere is toilet paper. When you ask me what essential items I would need to survive in my house without access to a store for two weeks or more a lot of things come to mind: food, medicine, Netflix, but not toilet paper. Initially, I thought my shock was because I am fortunate to have a Costco membership and am fairly certain I have enough toilet paper to last two weeks. However, after listening to at least two people defend their purchases of toilet paper, I realized that toilet paper just does not seem essential to my wellbeing. I own a good number of washcloths, I have running water, my toilet faces a shower, I’ve even seen a link to a bidet attachment floating around. As approximately one billion of earth’s citizens are aware, there are other options than toilet paper, and maybe the lesson to be learned here is that you are using too much of a household commodity that isn’t all that sustainable.


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