Grease Trap: Whatever You Say, Egg News Bureau

Okay, we know that part of what runs in Wednesday food sections is news generated by new-product press releases (often accompanied by actual swag) touting everything from somebody’s latest weight-loss scam to a new line of hemp-milk smoothies. We know because even we, a lowly alt-weekly, receive some of the bonanza. We have the hemp smoothies in the lunchroom fridge to prove it. But in today’s “The Picky Eater” column, Oakland Trib staffer Jolene Thym engages in a straight-faced act of PR pandering that leaves us slack-jawed in disbelief. In the following excerpt, Thym conveniently ignores the skepticism about eggs she expresses not two sentences before. “Since I love eggs cooked any which way and often worry about the health consequences of eating them daily, I was pleased to read this week that I SHOULD be eating eggs every day. I realize that the source of this advice is slightly questionable — the Egg Nutrition News Bureau — but since I like the advice, I want to share it with you. It turns out that egg yolks contain a substance called choline which is essential to good health.” Slightly questionable? And notice how Thym goes on to state that bit about the choline being essential to good health with utter confidence, all on the word of the Egg Nutrition News Bureau. Hey, have you heard about this new line of super-delicious hemp smoothies that actually gets you high?


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