.Chron Employees Are Protesting For Fair Health Care; Here’s How to Help

It’s no secret the Chron‘s had a rough couple of years, reportedly hemorrhaging some $50 mil annually. Efforts to stanch the bloodletting have included a series of layoffs that have ravaged the newsroom, a couple of paywall attempts (the most recent of which went into effect this weekend) — and now, apparently, cutting benefits for the very people who’ve actually had to shoulder all this more-with-less burden: the paper’s staff. According to a release posted on MediaWorkers.org, despite “sacrificing pay raises, giving up seniority, losing vacation time and holidays, even working through what used to be our paid lunch hour,” over the years, the paper’s staff members (many of whom are, full disclosure, friends and acquaintances, and, in my experience, good people and very hardworking journalists) are now being asked by Hearst, the Chron’s privately held parent company, to chip in more for health benefits, for an increase that they estimate will total hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars annually per person.


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