.17 Best Christian Dating Sites to Meet Religious Singles [2022]

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Finding the right person can feel like Mission Impossible for Christians for whom faith is a huge part of life. In many churches, it can seem as if everyone else is hooked up already and there’s a poor gender split between the desperate remaining singles. 

It’s hard. You know you’re not going to meet your perfect match out in the ‘world’ in nightclubs and bars. And while we can all pray and hope for a miracle, GOD HELPS those who help themselves, right? 

This is where the best Christian dating sites and apps come in.

You may have heard the one about the Christian fisherman whose boat capsized at sea. As he desperately treads water, he cries out to God to rescue him. 

“Help me, God!” he cries. 

Minutes later, a rescue helicopter throbs overhead. The winchman yells down at the fisherman with his megaphone. “Need any help?” 

“No,” shouts the Christian, “I’m waiting for God to rescue me!”

Needless to say, the dude drowns.

The point is, WE DON’T HAVE TO ‘DROWN’ IN OUR LONELINESS when there are dating sites and apps out there specifically catering to Christian singles. 

But it can be hard to know which site to choose. That’s just where we come in.

We’ve done the heavy lifting, digging into the deepest web corners for the best Christian dating sites.

And there’s something for everyone—whether you’re looking for Catholics, staunch evangelicals, or black Christian singles, we have it covered.

So, no, we’re not going to waste your time here. Let’s scroll down through the best dating sites.

(Or if you’d rather, carry on treading water. Hoping. God. Will. Rescue. You.)

Best Christian Dating Sites and Apps in 2022

First Look

  1. Best Christian dating site overall—eHarmony
  2. Best Christian dating app—SALT
  3. Close to 50/50 gender split—Zoosk
  4. Friend-to-friend matching system—Coffee Meets Bagel
  5. Detailed profiles—Catholic Match
  6. Good gender split—Christian Mingle
  7. Christian dating for freeReddit r/ChristianDating
  8. Senior Christian Dating—Silver Singles
  9. Large user base—Black People Meet
  10. Dating for Christians tips—Big Church

1. eHarmony—Best Christian Dating Site Overall

eharmony, best christian dating sites apps


  • Balanced gender ratio
  • Solid community of Christian singles
  • Location-based dates
  • Marriage-centered members


  • Lengthy personality test

To start us off is eHarmony, a no-nonsense Christian dating site that’s responsible for a ton of marriages in the nation. Yeah, their success stories speak for themselves—feel free to read through them on the site.

The distinction goes to the site’s reliable compatibility-matching system. You’ll have to complete a personality test to even earn yourself a seat here. Of course, eHarmony is determined to get you matched with someone you’re going to get along with.


eHarmony is open to everyone BUT was founded on traditional Christian beliefs by a prominent Christian theologian and this ethos remains at its core.

With a solid Christian community that’s marriage-focused, everyone on this platform is looking to settle down. So, don’t let eHarmony’s higher price tag scare you. The website has what it takes to get you a life partner—and that’s worth investing in.

2. SALT Christian Dating App—Best New Christian Dating App

salt, best online dating sites for religious singles


  • Free registration
  • Christian-specific
  • User-friendly, great for life on the go
  • Retrieve accidental swipes


  • No desktop version

If you’re wanting something Christian-specific, with the convenience of using it anywhere, SALT Christian Dating App is up for grabs. Sure, it’s a fairly new dating app, but it is probably home to Cinderella or Prince Charming. Not kidding.

As with eHarmony, everyone here is after a lasting relationship. The app is easy to navigate through, even if you’re a first-time user.

Extra marks.

One of the best Christian dating apps, you can test the waters on its free version before going all-in. During this time, you can retrieve any swipes you might have had accidentally (it happens), just like you can with a paid membership. A big plus.

SALT Christian Dating App has no desktop version but this is no deal-breaker as you only have to grab your smartphone (or tablet) to get the conversation flowing.

3. Zoosk—Best International Online Dating for Christians

zoosk dating sites for christian singles


  • High member activity
  • Caters to 80+ nations
  • Balanced gender ratio
  • Mobile app available


  • Free membership is limited
  • Not Christian-specific

Where Zoosk really shines is in its high member activity. The brilliant gender balance is the icing on the cake. With 47 women for every 53 men, there’s certainly someone for everyone on this website.

Although Zoosk is not Christian-specific, it lets you filter matches by religion. Don’t worry, IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM. 

This online dating platform caters to, well, more than 80 nations. Needless to say, the hunting ground couldn’t be larger, boosting the chances of finding love.

The site’s personality matching system also means you’re likely to get along with your partner. 

There are two sides to every coin, though, and Zoosk is no exception. Its customer desk can be sluggish. 

4. Coffee Meets Bagel—One of the Best Christian Dating Apps with a Friend-Based Matching System

coffee meets bagel, best christian dating sites


  • Convenient for users on the go
  • Reliable matching system to validated members
  • Good gender balance
  • Contact other users free


  • No desktop version

Another one that lets you filter users by religion, Coffee Meets Bagel boasts a unique (and reliable) matching system. The thing is based on your FB “friendship system”. 

We’ll explain.

For users to even make it as your match, they have to be friends with your friends on Facebook. Otherwise, they’ll not appear on your list of available matches.

But what we like more is everyone here is validated—so no running into fakes and bots. Another bonus is a good gender split—60 women for every 40 men is oodles better than what you’d find on other dating sites.

It lets you send messages for free.

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app, meaning it couldn’t be easier finding love on the go. There’s no desktop version but so what?

5. Catholic Match—Best Dating Site for Catholics

catholic match, best dating sites for religious singles


  • Detailed profiles
  • Active members
  • Equal gender balance
  • Location-based matches


  • Basic membership is limited

Now, look at this—something designed for Roman Catholics.

Users here are marriage-focused, in line with your Christian faith. Profiles are pretty detailed, too. You can skim through them quickly (to get an idea) before initiating what could be THE conversation.

Catholic Match is one of the best Christian dating websites with an equal gender ratio (50: 50). No fighting over potential life partners here.


But an area in which this Catholic dating site really excels is its GUARANTEED MATCHES. Not kidding! Should you fail to land yourself a like-minded match in six months, Catholic Match will give you six extra months, and you won’t have to pay a thing for it.

This dating site’s matches are location-based, too, making for convenient meetups, should you cross that bridge. And we’re sure the active membership here will blow your mind.

To contact your matches, though, you’ll have to open your wallet. Don’t fret—it’s affordable.

6. Christian Mingle—Most Popular Online Dating for Christians

christian mingle, best online dating sites


  • Strict verification system
  • Christian-specific
  • Great gender balance
  • Mobile app available


  • Free membership is limited

A popular Christian dating site, Christian Mingle has a pretty strict verification system. Goes without saying you’ll hardly bump into a bot (or fake) here.

Sounds good, right?

Members are after a serious relationship, too. They’re looking to walk down the aisle someday, probably with someone like you. So do yourself a favor and grab a seat here.

You’ll likely find someone you’re compatible with as Christian Mingle has all new members undertake a personality test. Bonus points for that.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS person, the site has got you covered with one of the best Christian dating apps, boasting the same features as the desktop site.

So, what you waiting for?

Feel free to test the waters without spending a dime, only you won’t be able to contact your matches until you open your wallet. Good thing the price tag is affordable.

7. Reddit r/ChristianDating—Best Free Christian Online Dating

reddit, christian dating


  • Free membership
  • Christian-specific
  • No verification


  • No clear gender balance
  • Small user baser

Christian dating on Reddit just got real thanks to this sub. It’s a welcoming and uplifting place for you to navigate the online dating world while holding onto your Christian values. 

Green flag.

You don’t have to dig into your pocket to join this group. It’s available free of charge, like all Reddit subs. A good fit if you’re on a budget. On the downside, the user base here isn’t massive.

Another negative is the gender balance isn’t clear. But…people are finding life partners on this sub. You could be next in line—just make sure to tag your posts by location, as Reddit r/ChristianDating is global.

Their subreddit has hundreds of members online at any one time.

8. Silver Singles—Best Christian Dating Site for Singles Aged 50+

silver singles, best dating sites and apps for christians


  • Reliable gender balance
  • Members seek a lasting relationship
  • Mobile app available
  • Easy to use


  • Not Christian-specific

Any 50+ singles around? Silver Singles is your cup of tea. I mean, not that we’re suggesting all you do is drink tea when you reach 50. We speak metaphorically, as we know even as you get older, there’s still time to find love. Unless you just want to drink tea on your own.

Or coffee. Or whatever you drink. On your own.

Most users here seek a lasting relationship, an ideal spot to find mature Christians looking for lasting love. And, we know, this dating site isn’t Christian-specific, but it lets you filter users by religion.

It’s a breeze to use, which is a plus. Yeah, Silver Singles couldn’t be easier to navigate, even if you’re a first-time user. 

Ideal for technophobes.

Like most of our top picks, Silver Singles bases matches on a personality compatibility system. It takes a little while to complete but it’s worth it. More details mean more compatible matches, and who doesn’t want that?

9. Black People Meet—Best Christian Dating Site for Black Singles

black people meet, best dating sites for christians


  • Large user base
  • Free registration
  • Good gender split
  • User-friendly with matching app


  • Not Christian-specific
  • Members are not verified

It can be hard finding a Black Christian partner on mainstream dating sites—and Black People Meet knows it only too well. It has designed a place that caters to Black singles to save you the trouble.

Just make sure to filter users by religion as this dating site isn’t Christian-specific. You won’t have an issue navigating through the user interface; it’s user-friendly, and when you wanna do your thing on the go, Black People Meet has got your back with a mobile app.

When it comes to the gender ratio, there’s someone for everyone here. No fighting over a potential life partner here. A plus.

So get the ball rolling today. Be careful, though, as you may brush shoulders with a fake or two here as the members aren’t verified. Still, we appreciate the large user base at Black People Meet which boosts chances of landing yourself a match.

10. Big Church—Best Christian Dating Site with Bible Groups

big church, best dating sites for christians


  • Christian-specific
  • Large user base
  • Mobile app available
  • Dating tips included


  • Not all users are validated

How about a dating site with stuff to nurture your spiritual growth? That’s where Big Church comes in, bursting with Christian-friendly resources, from Bible groups to blogs and magazines.

If you’re really into church, this may be the one for you. They have an entire section with Christian dating tips too.

Among other things we like is the site’s large user base. You’ll immediately fall in love with its mobile app, too.


While this Christian dating site does its best to verify user profiles, not all are validated. You want to keep an eye on possible bots and fakes, who, we all know, are up to no good.

All the same, we like that this platform is Christian-specific, and almost everyone you’ll run into here is after a long-term connection.

11. Christian Cafe—Best Christian Dating Site with Free Trial

christian cafe, best dating sites


  • Active members
  • Large user base with good gender split
  • Free trial
  • Christian-specific


  • iOS app only

The first one on our list with a free trial, Christian Cafe will let you use all of its premium features for a solid week free of charge. Brilliant.

Everyone here is Christian and actively seeking a life partner. The large hunting ground (and good gender ratio—46 women for 54 men) is the cherry on the cake.

This site’s dating app is perfect for when you’re on the go. Only you’ll have to use an iOS device as the app isn’t available for Android users, which is disappointing.

Still, it’s free to download and couldn’t be easier to use.

12. POF—Best Christian Dating Site with Chemistry Predictor

plenty of fish, best christian dating sites for religious singles


  • Anti-bot verification system
  • Location-based matches
  • Large user base with good gender balance
  • Mobile app available


  • Not Christian-specific
  • No verification

How about a place with a chemistry predictor? You read that right. Yeah, POF couldn’t be more interested in seeing you get along with a potential life partner.

It’s determined to make it work with its unique chemistry predictor.

While Plenty Of Fish isn’t Christian-specific, the dating site helps narrow down your matches based on handy metrics, including religion and personality. And, nope, there’s nothing like a bot here thanks to POF’s anti-bot verification system.

Another handy feature is this site’s geolocation feature so you get location-based matches here, making for convenient meetups when the time is right. 

The site’s mobile app is user-friendly and available on Android and iOS devices.

13. Match.com—Best Face-To-Face Online Dating Site for Christians

match.com, best dating sites for christians


  • Free membership months
  • Large user base with high member activity
  • Video chat 
  • Mobile app available


  • Not Christian-specific

Sometimes you need to see someone in person to know if there’s chemistry. How they hold themselves, how they talk: it’s not always all apparent in a dating profile photo.

Plus of course, whether they are even who they say who they are. Nobody wants to be Christian catfished.

Face-to-face communication is hassle-free thanks to Match.com’s Video Chat feature, a cool way to steer clear of fakes and bots. 

With Match.com you can slowly get to know one another the safe way. A winner.

We like how you’re guaranteed to find a match in three months or Match.com will offer you a cool six membership months free of charge. Awesome, right?

The site’s high member activity means convos are ever-flowing here. Just make sure to filter users by religion.

14. Hinge—Best Christian Dating Website with Convo Starters

match.com, best dating sites for christians


  • High member activity
  • Reliable verification system
  • Easy to use on the go
  • Reliable gender split


  • No desktop version
  • Not Christian-specific

Not good at initiating conversations? Hinge has got you sorted. This dating site has a whole load of convo starters so you can drop those opening lines like a pro. Hey, not so fast, friend, make sure you’re filtering your matches by religion as Hinge isn’t Christian-specific.

The good thing is you’re gonna be dealing with real folks here, not bots, as everyone on this platform has had their phone number verified. However, it does not always mean everyone is who says they are so stay cautious.

The user base on this site is pretty active, too. Convos are on another level, if you know what we mean, boosting your chances of landing a match.

15. Christian Cupid—Best Christian Dating Website with Multilingual Support Desk

christian cupid, best dating sites for religious singles


  • Detailed profiles
  • Christian-specific
  • Members seek marriage-focused connections
  • Multi-language support desk


  • Android app only

Christian Cupid’s detailed user profiles will blow you away. They are much less shallow than some other sites. 

This helps narrow down your matches to those you really are well-matched with. The site is very user-friendly, full of Christians seeking a long-term relationship.

Are you after a multilingual spot (not everyone speaks English, after all)? This site for Christians has a multilingual support desk, unlike most Christian dating apps and sites, and chances are your language is supported.

The app is free to download but only available for Android users.

16. OKCupid—Best Christian Dating Website with Free Core Features

okcupid, best dating sites for christians


  • Large user base
  • Promotes marriage-centered connections
  • High member activity
  • Mobile app available


  • Unequal gender balance
  • Not Christian specific

We couldn’t miss OkCupid here—for good reasons as most of this platform’s core features are available free of charge.


We know, OkCupid isn’t Christian-specific, but, like most of our top picks, you can filter users by religion for free and most users are marriage-focussed, seeking a long-term connection.

OkCupid has a large user base (50+ million members). This, somehow, makes up for the unequal gender balance on this dating site.

Christian Dating Sites FAQs

best christian dating sites

How Are Religious Dating Sites Different from Regular Dating Sites?

For Christian-specific websites, almost everyone on board will be religious. While you might bump into non-Christian users there, they will just be a fraction of the overall users. Most of the members on these sites will be marriage-focused too.

A plus!

However, as with any other dating sites, you can have fakes or bad people on them trying to target good church folks so do be careful and take all proper precautions while online dating.

Many Christian singles will be on sites that aren’t Christian-specific because of the larger pond to fish out of, or maybe just ease of use. This isn’t a problem as you can filter users by religion on all the sites we suggested.

A lot of the best hookup sites and apps can be used by Christians too, but many of these services are quite sex-focused, which maybe isn’t what you’re looking for. 

What Dating Site Is Best for Christians?

eHarmony, without a doubt. 

This place boasts a solid community of Christain singles that want to walk down the aisle someday. And, yes, the site has a section bursting with success stories of previous members who have tied the knot successfully.

Sure it’s not Christian-specific, but it has a very large Christian population in its user base.

Is There a Free Christian Dating Site?

Sure, Reddit r/ChristianDating is totally free. The members here are like-minded, too—most seeking a Christan life partner.

OkCupid! might not disappoint, too—a ton of core features are available free of charge.

And, of course, all of our top picks have free versions you can take advantage of before digging into your pockets.

What Is the Most Popular Christian Dating App?

SALT Christian Dating App is the app of choice for most faith-filled singles. Not only is this thing easy to use but it also boasts Christian singles looking for a lasting relationship. 

However, sites like Zoosk and eHarmony also have apps and have a bigger user base.

Are There Christian Dating Apps for Catholics?

Yes. Catholic Match is a good example. While not everyone you’re gonna bump into there will be Catholic, more than 97% of the users are. 

All the other sites will let you filter by religion so you will be bound to find plenty of Catholics on sites like Match.com and eHarmony too.

What Are the Top Black Christian Dating Websites?

Black People Meet is a good example. This place is home to a ton of black men and women that are looking to settle down, only you’ll have to filter them by religion as the site’s not Christian-specific.

Still, it’s a great place to narrow down your search.

Where Can I Meet Christian Singles over 50?

The best place to meet Christian singles over 50 is at Silver Singles. The vast majority of folks here are aged 50+ and are wanting a long-term connection. 

However, the site is not Christian-specific so to find your compatible match, filter people by religion.

Christian Dating Sites—The Takeaway

With all of these Christian singles dating sites and apps, dating Christians online should be a breeze. Just don’t fail to filter your matches by religion on dating websites that aren’t Christian-specific.

You might want to start with our #1 pick eHarmony as it ticks most of the right boxes as far as Christian online dating goes. The place is surely marriage material. I mean, this is the site you would bring home to your mother. Really.

Other cool options you can’t afford to overlook are SALT Christian Dating App, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Catholic Match.

So, don’t go digging into Google for the best spots to date like-minded Christian men and women online—we’ve done the legwork for you.

Good luck and God bless!

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