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  • Electionland CA – Sponsored by the East Bay Express and Rock the Vote

Are you confused/tired/exasperated/other by the upcoming election on November 2?

Haven’t even read your sample ballot yet?

Tired of hearing political ads on TV and radio – but not knowing if there’s any truth behind them?

The East Bay Express is proud to be the sponsor of Electionland CA in partnership with Rock the Vote.

Electionland is the place where you can ask and answer questions on everything related to elections in your state. It is a nonpartisan social-media website where voters can ask and answer questions on everything related to the upcoming elections in California. There are a lot of great resources out there to help you decipher what’s going on, and we want to be another one at your disposal.

We have a panel of experts at your beck-and-call, ready to chat and answer questions you may have. From the East Bay Express are Associate Editor Bob Gammon and contributor David Downs, alongside Samuel Kang from the Green Lining Institute and Josh Richman from the Oakland Tribune.

The absolute best part is that you can ask your questions directly to the candidates in the races…no need to filter it through a debate moderator, a reporter, or a PR spin guy. Recently featured events on Electionland CA include forums for the races for Mayor of Oakland and San Leandro.

For a sneak peek, check out the recent question about parking fees (ALWAYS a hot topic in Oakland!) posed by a forum member and answers posted by Oakland mayoral candidates Rebecca Kaplan and Joe Tuman:

Question from anonymousone:
Do you think parking revenues should be reinvested into the neighborhood commercial districts where the revenues are generated?

Excerpted answer from Rebecca Kaplan:
Yes, parking revenue should be shared with the neighborhood commercial districts, and I suggested this approach when parking was discussed last year. My Council office has been meeting with community leaders to create what are called Parking Benefit Districts, so that we have the mechanism to reinvest parking proceeds to support neighborhoods with improvements – and give local residents and businesses a voice in parking policy…(read more)

Excerpted answer from Joe Tuman:

The purpose of parking meters and citations for violating the time limits of those meters is the facilitation of business. Simply put, parking meters exist not to generate revenue for the City but rather to ensure that potential customers of our merchants can find places to park their cars so that they can patronize our retail businesses. Somewhere along the way, this was forgotten by our career-politician elected officials who view parking revenues as yet another source of income that they can use to fund their ill-conceived and short-sighted budgetary decisions…(read more)

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and join the fray!

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