Channel Surfing

Trust your intuition, says clairvoyant life coach Val Logan.

Some psychics say they’ve been aware of their skills since early childhood, when they first saw the spirits of dead relatives or received mental messages from pets. It wasn’t that way for Val Logan. He’d never thought of reading minds until a chance encounter with a psychic while he was an undergraduate at San Jose State University spurred him to take a class in psychometry, the ability to discern facts about other people, even absent or dead ones, by handling their possessions.

A classmate gave Logan a rock to hold, telling him nothing about it. “The teacher instructed me to just say the first thing that came into my mind,” Logan recalled. Doing so, he suddenly imagined a person sitting in meditation while engaging on a spiritual quest. The classmate confirmed this, explaining that he’d picked up the rock in India, at a spot associated with the Buddha.

“I was a happy camper as I started ‘reading’ every object … and I was 90 percent accurate,” said Logan, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner who became a psychic reader and channeler of spirit guides after his success with psychometry. His workshop at Angel Light Books (3347 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley) on Sunday, January 17, is based on using inner wisdom and supernatural strategies to attract good relationships and fulfill desires. It’s a subject very close to his heart. He still looks back in awe at a list he created in 1987 of the qualities he sought in an ideal partner. At the time, he knew no likely candidates. Then one day nearly twenty years later, the news that he’d just been given a great new job had him “crying with joy. … As I was flying back to California at 30,000 feet in the air, I was ecstatic.” He remembers thinking: “This is what I am here to do. I have it all! Oops. No I don’t. I don’t have the relationship that I want. It was then that Jeanette’s image came into my mind.” He’d met her a few years earlier, through a roommate. Then he gave her a call.

“I kept getting a voice message within” — that is, a psychic message — “demanding that I tell her” about the list he’d made so long before. “The voice kept telling me to go ahead and just do it and so I did. I told her that I had written down a description of the relationship that I wanted and that she was it. Not long after that we were married … and once again I was crying for joy.”

Much of what he coaches via his Fullfilling Relationships program is about hearing and honoring those “messages within.”

When we’re “tuning in to our own truths,” Logan advised, “there is nothing to be afraid of. It is the illusion of fear” — which he condemns as an acronym for “false evidence appearing real” — “that disappears as we become more aware of who we really are.” 1 p.m., free.

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