music in the park san jose

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music in the park san jose

Best Pilates Class
Ainka Fulani of BreakThrough Coaching
— Jeffrey martin

Best Spin Studio
RiDE Oakland
— christilaw

Best Fartist
My Roommate, Dan
— Charlotte Landes

Best Lap Swim Venue
Downtown Berkeley YMCA
Has two pools, a hot tub, steam rooms, clean dressing rooms and friendly, on-the-ball lifeguards. — Rachel Hope Crossman

Best Low-Tech Pleasure
Berkeley Kite Festival
It’s an hallucinatory journey without the peyote. A school of white carp above you, undulating in the wind. Tiny bumblebee kites, buzzing around. A huge telephone made in a mosaic of kites. Alexander Calder-inspired mobiles. Drink in the fantastic scene. — sarahsmiles

Best Sports Team
Golden State Warriors
— msurvive

Best Circus Arts
Athletic Playground
Has the best performers, most welcoming community, best training, amazing space. — Sarah Kim

Best Dance Studio
— Lynda Rose-Baltz

Best New Workout Venue
Body Wisdom Studio in Point Richmond
— Ann Ayers

Best Sports Bar
Up & Under Pub & Grill
Up and Under sports bar in Point Richmond has a family feeling and plenty of TVs around to watch whatever sports you’re into. — Nina Utigaard

Best Zumba and Zumba Gold Fitness Classes
El Cerrito Community Center
— Hildy Revenaugh

Best Gym With a Doug in It
The Perfect Sidekick
— MABs

Best Place to Play Tennis
Chabot Canyon Racquet Club
Great people. Excellent courts. — wendyedel75f5

Best Pinball Museum
Pacific Pinball Museum
— Diego Norris

Best Sailing School
Club Nautique
They have the best fleet of boats! — Marianne Armand


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music in the park san jose