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Best Street
First Street, Downtown Livermore
Parklets, bike racks, outdoor seating, trees, great restaurants — Dave Campbell

Best Advice to Occupy Oakland
Unite people, don’t alienate them
— Lloyd Lavagetto

Best Community-Engaged For-Profit Business
Popuphood and Actual Cafe
They’re both experimenting with new ways to engage their city and their neighbors, but not half-assing it in any way. Local businesses like these remind us why we live in a city like Oakland – creativity, variety, beauty, and the possibility of the unexpected. — popijininsky

Most Inspirational Trend Setting Baker
Brian Wood at Starter Bakery
Brian generously shares his talents with others — SusanAGiblin

Best Place to Get Tear-Gassed
Frank Ogwa Plaza
— Jamie DeWolf

Last Best Place
Knowland Park
About to be destroyed for an extinction-themed exhibit by the Oakland Zoo — Roy West

Best Place Not to Bring the Kids
It’s practically their motto and is found on almost every flyer: dontbringyourfnkids — Sam Khandaghabadi

Best Landlord
Denny Abrams
— Randy b

Best Place to Live in East Bay
North Oakland
— Tim Shadix

Best Science Teacher in the East Bay
Sarah Shaffer
Sarah Shaffer, owner of Sarah’s Science and This Land is Your Land Summer Day Camps, is probably the best children’s science teacher I have ever met. I loved science as a child so I searched all over the East Bay for a place I could send my son to help him love science as much as I do. Sarah’s Science is it!! Her programs provide hands-on science projects and the kids learn so much science without ever realizing they are actually learning — they think it’s all fun!! I send my son to her summer camp, Thanksgiving Camp and her after-school programs at his school. I hope she will never leave the East Bay!!!! — Katherine Regalado

Best Free Weekly Event to Go to With Friends
Board game Tuesdays at Games of Berkeley

Most Endangered Place (Natural, Man-Built, Cultural or Historic)
Knowland State Arboretum and Park
Thriving wildlife and rare native plants. “Open Space” easily accessible and still free to use in the middle of the city. Magnificent views of the bay. Threatened to disappear soon by lawful but unethical detrimental development plans. — Adriana Restrepo

Best Progressive Arts and Academics Program
Walden Center and School
Turning out creative, compassionate, critical thinkers for more than fifty years. — vedge

Most Revolutionary Healthcare
Lolo Health Center
Truly revolutionary approach to affordable, integrative care. — Marcia Kline

Best Nonprofit
East Bay Bicycle Coalition
(couldn’t find this question) — Jakkz Bikeopath

Best Oakland Historian
Annalee Allen
Annalee Allen has been a leader in the historic preservation community in Oakland. She had lead the Oakland History Tour featuring downtown Oakland’s beautiful historic resources. Annalee has written several books on Oakland including her most recent book, Oakland Landmarks. She is such a special resource, the go-to person on any and all questions about Oakland history and culture. Annalee deserves this award! — Brooke A. Levin

Best Place to Walk Your Dog
Tilden Park in Berkeley
Some trails allow you to walk your dog off leash. It’s paradise for dogs!

— Kirstin

Best View
Claremont Canyon trail
— Mollie D.S.

Best Local View of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge
Indian Rock
Very helpful category and Indian Rock rules — Cookie1997

Best Community-Based Group or Project
The Occupy Oakland Kitchen
They fed 2000 people a day for free the entire time the encampment was up. — M.H. Arsalai

Best School Transportation
Berkeley Unified School District
Its long strong history of in-house union drivers busing the children of Berkeley to and from school continues unbroken since 1968 when — first in the nation — the transportation department was created in order to bus children for racial integration. This while Boston was rioting against it. Still in-house (increasingly rare in this state, thank you voters/taxpayers of Berkeley!!), still unionized, still serving the needs of families and children while striving for social equity. We do field trips too — again, thanks to funding from Berkeley taxpayers, not the state, our students get outside more than most. A proud tradition continues. — Seena Hawley

Best Preschool
Temple Sinai Preschool
— Dana Lewenthal

Best BART Station
Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre
They have clean bathrooms, a store, local produce stands sometimes, and people always promote new products there like sports drinks and REI sets up a stand to give free stuff to bikers there and on the trail next to it sometimes as well. (They just need better bike security) — Mollie Ayres

Best Views of the Bay
Grizzly Peak Boulevard in the Oakland/Berkeley Hills
— Nia King

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