Catchiest Rock Band

20 Minute Loop

Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins are one of those “Were/are they dating or weren’t/aren’t they” couples who sing deceptively sweet pop songs with incredibly cryptic lyrics, directed as much to each other as to you. Is I don’t wanna trick or treat dressed as you a pickup line or an epitaph? You can puzzle over that one for hours, but it’s immediately evident that their band, 20 Minute Loop, has just unloaded the most absurdly addictive angst-pop record to emerge from the East Bay in, well, actually, ever. Yawn + House = Explosion is a ridiculously fantastic mash-up of pop hooks, slide guitar riffs, and dueling boy/girl vocals that either intertwine perfectly or clash magnificently. It’s also quietly high-concept: All lyrics were written using the Dictionary Story (aka the Arbilexicon), wherein you pick ten random words from the dictionary that must be incorporated into the song somewhere. Without question, “Ambassadors” is the best song ever written that includes the words lore, grocery, Henry James, Dictaphone, pubic, abject, endorse, yawn, E.M. Forster, and mortal. And that’s saying something.

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