.Bill To Regulate Medical Pot Clears Massive Hurdle

Thousands of medical cannabis patients cheered the California Assembly’s passage of AB 2312Rep. Tom Ammiano‘s bill to install statewide regulation of California’s estimated $1.3-billion medipot industry.

AB 2312 passed out of the State Assembly on a 41-28 vote Thursday, May 31, just a day before the deadline for it — and all other 2012 bills — to clear their house of origin. AB 2312 heads to the Senate for debate this month and next.

Just after AB 2312 passed, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5 organizer and Oakland resident Matthew Witemyre called it, “a really, really good day for us.”

“When AB 2312 was introduced it had a snowball’s chance in hell of passing,” he said. “It passed because of the overwhelming voice of the people in Sacramento.”


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