Best Windfall Profits: Is it avarice, or just the American way?

Chevron Corporation

You know it’s hard out here for a Chevron senior executive. Nigerian guerrillas have declared war on your oil facilities. Experts speculate that oil production has peaked and is in decline. People in the Middle East seem to shoot at each other a lot, and you can’t help but get in the way. The current inhabitant of the White House, an oilman from way back, faces Nixonian approval ratings. And everybody hates you for gas prices creeping up on three bucks a gallon. Really, your kids get picked on at the Blackhawk Academy. “My dad says your dad’s got his hand in our pockets; gimme that Sunny Delight!” What could make up for all that heartache? Money! Money money money money! Last year, Chevron recorded a record net income of $14.1 billion, and that’s after the damage Hurricane Katrina inflicted on its Gulf oil platforms. Who needs love when you can buy everything else?

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