.Best Turntablist: Mad technical chops, ready to battle

DJ Platurn

It would be tempting to give the crown to DJ Platurn based on his visibility and crew affiliation alone. C’mon, it’s a no-brainer to pick a member of the Oakland Faders as the East Bay’s best turntablist, just because that name is hella dope, feel us? But Platurn makes the selection even easier with his versatility and unquestioned ability. He’s mad technical, but he isn’t the type of turntablist better suited to bedroom applications than steamy clubs. In other words, he can make ya dance and head-nod at the same time, and he’s especially deadly in four-turntable, two-DJ scratchfests. If you’ve ever seen Platurn go head-to-head with highly regarded SF Technics king DJ Zeph or alongside his fellow Fader, DJ Spair, you can attest to his finesse on the one and twos. If not, don’t fret, because he’s coming soon to a club near you — equally ready to battle or just chill.


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