.Extend Your Pleasure With Remote Control Vibrators: Top Remote Vibrators for Hands-free Play

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I know most of you find flicking the bean by hand enjoyable, and if you’re into manual labor, that’s fine. 

But why not give your hand some rest, with sex toys?

The best remote-controlled vibrators are all the rave on social media and are designed to make climaxing as easy as possible. With a press of a button or a swipe on the screen, your vibrator will meet you at the peak.

In this list, you’ll find top remote-control vibrators for hands-free (or rather one-handed) play, and you’ll find details about their features.

How We Ranked the Best Vibrators With Remote Control

  1. Remote Type: Our top-ranking remote-control sex toys either come with a wired remote or wireless remote or are app-controlled.
  2. Vibration Modes: Since variety is the spice of life, we found that the best remote-control sex toys offer either multiple preset vibe modes and patterns or allow pattern customization via a smartphone app.
  3. Battery Life: We also looked at how long a remote control sex toy lasted on a charge/battery and whether it could be used for multiple sessions on a single charge.
  4. Price: You shouldn’t go broke when buying a sex toy. Still, a few great options might be on the higher end but offer you real value for your money.

The Top 23 Vibrators with Remote Control

1. Lovense Lush 3—Best Remote Control Vibrator Overall

lovense lush, best remote control sex toys
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: Customizable
  • Battery life: 4.5 to 5 hours
  • Price: Current offer $119 (regular price $199)

The Lovense Lush 3 is a tsunami of pleasurable G-spot vibrations. You can see its tail on most performers on the best cam girls sites. The general public loves it, too.

Even when the vibrations are at maximum, you can grind on the wave of pleasure, worry-free. Your Lush will stay in place.

It’s app-controlled from anywhere in the world with an internet signal. You (or your long-distance partner) only need to download the app to control the toy.

And my favorite part is that the remote vibrating toy is 100% waterproof. You can use it in your tub/shower for a steamy self-care session. 

Plus it lasts up to five hours on a full charge … No stopping this party.

2. Lovehoney Thrill Seeker Remote Control Egg—Top Compact Remote Vibrator 

lovehoney thrill seeker egg, remote control
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: 10 patterns, six speeds
  • Battery life: Up to 1 hour
  • Price: Current offer is $12 (the regular price is $39.99)

Reel your partner to bed, give your partner the remote and let your partner steer the wheel. The powerful wireless remote vibrator is perfect for clitoral or other external stimulation.

It’s made from soft plastic, and the wireless remote control sex toy makes foreplay with your partner a breeze.

Surprisingly, this petite remote-controlled vibrator egg has lots of sizzling vibration modes: 10 vibrations patterns and six speeds to be specific.

If you like your eggs snug and compact, this babe delivers as it can be safely tucked away and carried whenever you are traveling. 

3. We-Vibe Vector—Pleasurable Anal Vibrator With Remote

we vibe vector, remote control vibrator
  • Remote type: Wireless remote plus app
  • Vibration modes: six vibe modes
  • Battery life: Up to two hours
  • Price: $139

If you own a prostate (or generally enjoy butt stuff), the fancy We-Vibe Vector vibrator can deliver seismic sensations that will have you shootin’ ropes. 

It is the best-rated unisex anal vibrator because of its flexibility, smooth silicone surface and dual motors that stimulate the perineum and prostate separately.

Shift through its various speeds on the handy four-button remote or through the We-Connect app

The app has nifty features such as speed and intensity control on your screen, customizable patterns and separate motor control.

The Vector is powerful yet silent and will also alert you when the battery is almost drained. This is so you don’t get a surprise turnoff midway.

4. Lovehoney Seduce Me Vibrating Garter Thong—Best Deal on a Wireless Remote Control Set

lovehoney seduce me vibrating garter thong
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: six speeds, 10 patterns
  • Battery life: 45 minutes
  • Price: $49.99

Looks can be deceiving, but that doesn’t apply to this stylish thong and garter. 

The set caresses your curves and comes with a special surprise. Apart from being adjustable, this sexy thong comes with a wireless bullet sex toy

Given its 3-5 meter connectivity range, you can let your partner take charge from the same room for a heated pregame session. 

Think naughty restaurant date.

5. Vibease Vibrator—A Remote Control Vibrator With Interactive Clitoral Stimulation 

vibease vibrator, best remote control sex toys
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: Unlimited
  • Battery life: 3 hours
  • Price: Current offer $99.96 (regular price $119)

The Vibease clitoral remote vibrator comes with an interesting wearable design. The brand’s idea combines sexual pleasure and entertainment. 

What sets it apart is the pinpoint tip design and interactive app.

You can sync the Vibease wearable vibrator to your phone or computer and vibe to your favorite audio erotica. 

The Vibease app also lets you customize the vibration patterns and modes to suit your current taste. Plus, you can connect the remote vibrator to your Spotify playlist and pleasure yourself to the beat.

6. Lovense Sex Machine—Most Versatile Remote Vibrator Sex Machine

lovense sex machine, best hands free vibrators
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: Up to 300 strokes per minute
  • Battery life: Plug-in vibrator
  • Price: Current offer $699 (regular price $1,399)

Lovense says, ‘Go hard or go home’ with this app-controlled thrusting machine. You can get a tailored penetrative experience regardless if you’re alone or with a partner.

This bad boy won’t tap out until you do.

The thrusting sex machine has an adjustable neck, to help you find the best point of entry. Plus it’s easy to assemble and comes with two silicone dildos for a tag team session.

To turn the pleasure up to 11, this remote-controlled sex toy has a warming feature that brings the dildos up to body temp, which is especially important if you’re looking for a realistic experience.

7. Lovehoney Daydream—Travel Size Vibrator With Remote Control

lovehoney daydream, best wireless remote control vibrators
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: three speeds, six patterns
  • Battery life: 1 hour
  • Price: Current price $39.99 (regular price $49.99)

It’s easy to get lost fantasizing with Lovehoney’s Daydream cute egg vibrator. This 3.5-inch wearable vibrator is tiny yet powerful enough to inspire earth-shaking moans once in play.

It has a small external extension that rests and massages your clit as the rest of the egg vibrator stimulates your G-spot for a double experience. 

Also, its motor is relatively quiet and allows you to explore your uncharted territories without raising the alarm.

8. Lelo IDA—Sensual App Controlled Vibes for Days

lelo ida, best wireless sex toys
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: 10 settings
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: $189

Lelo’s IDA crowning glory is an innovative rotating finger that vibrates in smooth, come-hither motions, pushing against your internal pleasure spots in the right way.

Two effectively rumbling motors give you double the power for both clit and G-spot stimulation and will rev on for up to 2 hours before you’ll need a recharge.

Once you download the LELO app on your Android or iOS, indulge in your sexual curiosities by mixing up unlimited patterns and speed to produce your desired orgasmic climax.

9. We-Vibe Moxie—Wearable Vibrating Remote Control Panty Vibrator

we vibe moxie, remote control sex toys
  • Remote type: Wireless remote plus app
  • Vibration modes: 10 settings
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: $129

Let your pleasure tag along while you go about your business. The We-Vibe Moxie remote-control panty vibrator delivers power despite its small stature. 

Better still, you can hit a home run with minimum decibels.

This portable external vibrator is small enough to be sandwiched between your kitty and knickers. Thanks to a magnetic clip that holds it safely in place, you don’t have to worry about stability, giving you confidence when you’re even taking a walk.

Enjoy discreet sensations from the different patterns accessed via remote or by connecting to the mobile app.

10. Lelo Tiani 3—Intimate Couples Vibrator with App

lelo tiani, wireless sex toys
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: eight modes
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: Current offer $135 (regular price $169)

Lelo’s Tiani 3 is one of the very few sex toys that nail it when it comes to couple play. It delivers a sort of a trifecta of sensations. 

Tiani stimulates the G-spot, the clitoris and your partner’s shaft.

Everyone with a vagina can use this as a solo toy, for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

You’ll feel the good vibes everywhere, thanks to two cooperating arms that send eight different modes of sensual goosebumps into your body.

11. Lovense Nora—Powerful Wireless Vibrator With Rabbit Ears

lovense nora, remote control sex toys
  • Remote type: App control
  • Vibration modes: Unlimited 
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Price: Current offer $109 (regular price $199)

Rabbit vibrators don’t come any better than the sixth-generation Nora, and this could be your next favorite toy if you enjoy a double stimulus.

The dual vibrating arms come in handy when you want to get a few strokes in. Even if you just need to lay back and vibe to the twirling motions inside you, Nora is here for you.

Set her up and connect with the app to access many other capabilities like music synchronization and long-distance couple interaction.

12. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Egg Vibrator—Remote Control Toys to Introduce a Kinky Sex Life

fifty shades of grey relentless egg vibrator
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: three speeds, four patterns
  • Battery life: 1 hour, 40 minutes
  • Price: $89.99

There is no going back once you submit to the pleasures that lie inside the Fifty Shades collection.

You can turn your climactic convulsions up a notch with this sleek and powerful remote-control vibrating egg. 

Slip into a climax with the flick of a button.

The silicone cover paired with a generous helping of lube are a perfect introduction of sensations to your clitoral nerve endings. Plus, it’s designed for easy removal, with a looped handle safely dangling outside.

You can re-create your favorite Christian-Ana moment with your partner, thanks to the 10-meter range on this remote-controlled toy.

13.  Lovense Ferri—Wearable Remote Vibrator With Bluetooth

lovense ferri, hands free vibrator
  • Remote type: Wireless remote plus App
  • Vibration modes: three modes, unlimited patterns
  • Battery life: 3 to 3.5 hours
  • Price: Current offer $109 (regular price $119)

The Lovense Ferri is one of the few Bluetooth sex toys to actually give you quality connection throughout your playtime.

This programmable panty vibrator lets you choose across countless vibrations modes and rhythms. All of this occurs via the highly rated Lovense app that gives you a sensual hands-free experience.

Your overseas partner won’t miss you for too long, thanks to long-distance access on the app. Find a steady internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Ferri is perhaps the smallest Bluetooth vibrator in the Lovense cache but comes with a powerful motor and a magnetic clip that ensures it stays put during your action.

14.  Lelo Lyla 2—Egg-shaped Remote Control Vibrator 

lelo lyla, best remote control sex toys
  • Remote type: Wireless remote/App control
  • Vibration modes: eight modes
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: $159

Experience leisure and luxury in one package as you explore with the Lyla 2 wireless egg vibrator. 

You’re welcome to feel the excitement of riding solo or let your partner test the limits of pleasurable control. Any which way you’ll have it, it’s a step forward to enhancing your sex life. 

Its soft silicone exterior feels like a touch from heaven during insertion and post-session cleanup is a breeze.

For indulgent couples, Lyla is the perfect addition to your kink stash and can be remotely controlled from up to 12 meters away.

15. B-Vibe Remote Control Vibrating Silicone Jeweled Butt Plug—Elegant Remote Vibrating Butt Plug

b-vibe remote control vibrator, silicone jeweled butt plug
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: six modes, 15 patterns
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: $124.99

Who said you shouldn’t look as good as you feel? This jeweled butt plug gives you both elegance and satisfaction under one roof.

Choose among the different colors and sizes to get one that fits your current level of anal play, whether you’re an amateur or a world-class butt pleasure pro.

The remote control has a 30-plus-foot range and gives you six different intensities and 15 vibration patterns powered by an in-built monster motor.

What I like about this remote vibrator plug is the slightly thicker jewel base, which ensures a secure and comfy hold.

16. We-Vibe Melt—High-quality Wireless Vibrator for Clitoral Suction

melt by we vibe, best remote control vibrator
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: Unlimited patterns
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: $149

Forget your ex’s sloppy clit job and experience how mind-melting oral suction is done.

Melt is a fancy clitoral stimulator that uses “Pleasure Air technology” to impale sensual waves and gentle suction on your clit.

Better still, it’s safe to use on other sensitive areas like your nipples, thighs, back of the neck, etc. This makes it a perfect toy for creative foreplay with your partner.

Alternatively, find Melt’s full potential by yourself with the We-Connect app. Explore features like custom pattern creation and standby mode.

17. Lovehoney Double Act Remote Control Vibrator—Powerful Sex Toy for Double Stimulation 

lovehoney double act remote control vibrator
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: three speeds, seven patterns
  • Battery life: 1 hour
  • Price: $74.99 

The Double Act is the Clyde to your Bonnie and transforms your lonely nights into action-packed Hollywood features. It comes with a wireless remote and USB-rechargeable toy that gives you the power to drive yourself nuts.

Delight yourself in blended orgasms thanks to its strong G-spot and clit stimulation, simultaneously working their magic in your favor.

The two rumbling motors will send you to heaven in minutes with three speeds and seven variations of patterns. Thanks to this, it’s a great grab-and-go choice.

18. Lelo Hugo—Best Remote Control Prostate Massager

lelo hugo, best wireless sex toys
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: six settings
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: Current offer $181.77 (regular price $219)

Pleasure meets power on the Lelo Hugo ultimate prostate massager for solo and couple plays.

This remote-controlled toy comes with a medium-sized silicone shaft to make it comfortable for both newcomers to rear play and pros.

Its thunderous dual motors spread their joy to your P-spot and perineum simultaneously, ensuring you are getting the best of both worlds.

It comes with an ingenious motion-controlled remote that raises the hands-free prostate experience a couple of notches.

19. We-Vibe Jive—Top Waterproof Remote-Controlled Vibrator 

we vibe jive, hands free sex toys
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: 10 modes
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Price: $119

The Jive is another We-Vibe masterpiece that enables you to have long-distance sex with your partner regardless of geographical location.

Its broad silicone head caresses the G-spot, delivering whirlwind rumbles or gentle humming, for tailored sensations. You’ll find a wide catalog of vibration patterns through the We-Connect app.

It is very aesthetically appealing, discreet and waterproof. The Jive is perfect if you like taking your pleasure with you in a doggy bag.

20. Lovense Hush—Remote Control Butt Plug With Teledildonics

lovense hush, best remote control vibrators
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: Unlimited patterns
  • Battery life: 3 to 3.8 hours
  • Price: $119

The Hush is a vibrating interactive butt plug and a perfect option for connoisseurs.

It comes in two sizes for beginners and intermediate users, plus it has a flared base, which ensures safety during use.

An ingenious flow of ribbed spirals contours the slender neck to the tapered base, which acts as a lube reservoir. This ensures you stay moisturized throughout the ride. 

Better still, it helps with error-free removal.

21. We-Vibe Nova 2—A Flexible Wireless Vibrator for Dual Stimulation

we vibe nova, best remote control vibrators
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: Unlimited
  • Battery life: Up to 2 hrs
  • Price: $159

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is the epitome of contemporary sex design. Its alien-like shape is the latest incarnation of the rabbit vibrator.

And the Nova 2 is an app-controlled vibrator and one of the few to get the formula right.

It has flexible “rabbit ears” that ceaselessly attend to your clit, while you find your way to your G-spot.

And since it’s one of We-Vibe’s official waterproof sex toys, you can rest assured it’ll keep going steady even after you’re done with your climactic waterworks.

22. Lovense Domi 2—Top Wand Vibrator With App

lovense domi, best hands free sex toys
  • Remote type: App controlled
  • Vibration modes: Unlimited patterns
  • Battery life: 5 to 6 hours
  • Price: Current offer $109 (regular price $199)

The Lovense Domi 2 is a great toy and an improvement of the 1st Gen Domi. It comes with better battery life (up to 6 hours!) and a stronger Bluetooth connection for maximum pleasure.

This charming handheld vibrator boasts more comfort than its competitors with its firm grip and flexible neck that lets you apply pressure wherever you want.

As one of Lovense’s signature teledildonic sex toys, you can share controls with a partner via the app for short/long-distance fun and limitless vibration possibilities.

23. Lovehoney Body Rocker Remote Control Vibrator—Peculiar-Shaped Vibrating Prostate Massager

lovehoney body rocker best remote control vibrators
  • Remote type: Wireless remote
  • Vibration modes: 10 modes
  • Battery life: 1 hour
  • Price: $49.99

The Body Rocker P-spot vibrator will rock you in every imaginable way. It has a curved tip and wavy shaft that’s soft on insertion but also plays hard when you need it to.

To get the best prostate massage out of this wireless remote-controlled vibrator, ensure that you slap enough water-based lube on it, and you’ll be clear for a soft landing.

With a total of 6 inches in length, this bad boy is more than capable of carrying you through multiple orgasmic floodgates. 

The battery can go for up to an hour on the lower settings.

Who are Remote Controlled Vibrators Used By?

a. Solo Thrill-seekers

Remote-control vibrators make solo play easier because now you don’t have to deal with wires tangling up and getting in the way of your pleasure. 

Plus, the remote control skips any fumbling around for buttons and saves you from losing your climactic momentum.

b. Long-Distance Relationships

Remote-controlled sex toys with teledildonic features allow people in long-distance relationships to stay intimate with virtual sex sessions. 

The best remote control vibrators, especially in the Lovense and We-Vibe lines, connect their users via an app from anywhere on the planet as long as both parties have access to a reliable internet connection. 

The best thing about teledildonic toys is that most of them come with huge feature scores. 

This can include unlimited vibrating modes and patterns, sync with your favorite music/erotic audio or even sharing your toy’s control presets with other people online.

c. Discreet Public Play 

If you get your sexual edge from risky situations, consider discreet public play. 

To hack this exciting and nail-biting adventure, you’ll have to seek help from some of the best wearable remote-control vibrators like the Vibease, We-Vibe Moxie and Lovense Ferri. 

Numerous people also love switching up the experience with a remote-controlled butt plug, cock rings, vibrating panties and other toys with long-distance control.

d. Cam Sites

Cam models usually engage their viewers with naughty teledildonics, which allow the viewer to control the speed and power of the vibrator after tipping a certain token.

Cam models highly seek after PC-compatible vibrators such as the Lush 3 due to their excellent connectivity and pleasure delivery. 

The Lush egg from Lovense and other OhMiBod sex toys have dominated sites like Chaturbate and Cam4.

Best Remote Control Vibrators Sex Toys—Which is the Best?

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” remote-controlled vibrator on the market. Go for something that rings a foxy bell in your noggin’. 

The Lovense Lush 3 is a tried and tested app-controlled G-spot vibrator that works for external stimulation, too. You can use it hands-free by yourself, with a partner or on a cam.

If you want an essential anal vibrator with remote control, take a look at the We-Vibe Vector. The double stimulation against the perineum is worthy of a “chef’s kiss”.

Now I send you off to choose your new remote control vibrating pal. Remember to add a pack of lube to your cart at checkout. It helps things run smoothly, you know?

Have fun!

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