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Whenever you need some life-changing solutions or good suggestions, you may use psychic hotlines, as they are a convenient way to contact a psychic adviser. The range of spheres a gifted medium can help you with is vast, from love and relationships to business questions. Moreover, dialing a number is quicker than heading to another city and visiting a medium in person. 

But there are so many psychic reading platforms available that you mayfind it hard to choose a credible one. However, there’s no need to worry, because you’ll find some of the best-tested services to get a flawless phone psychic by reading below!

6 Best Phone Psychics Readings

To help you make the right choice, our experts checked popular websites with hotlines to contact professional advisers. Here are some of the top platforms to seek phone psychics:

  1. Kasamba–first three minutes are totally free, and there is a 50% discount .
  2. Nebula–100 welcome credits for newcomers.
  3. MysticSense–free five minutes at the beginning of a session.
  4. Keen–nonpaid three minutes and a free daily horoscope.
  5. AskNow–five free elite/master minutes, and prices starting at $1 per minute.
  6. Oranum–$9.99 free bonus credits for everyone.

Read the description of each one next to pick the best platform that suits your needs.

Kasamba–Accurate Phone Readings and Forecasts


  • Numerous categories, including tarot readings, dream analysis and love psychics.
  • Convenient search with filters.
  • Detailed advisers’ profiles containing information about their experience and skills.
  • Numerous customer reviews.


  • The website looks outdated.
  • Sessions with top readers are expensive.
Kasamba phone psychic reading

When searching for psychic phone hotlines, you should pay attention to Kasamba as this service is considered the best in the niche. It’s been around for 20 years, and its experts helped more than 3 million people during this period. Whether you need to get valuable advice concerning your relationship remotely or obtain some hidden information concerning your career, Kasamba will give you what you want. Over 290 experts are ready to help you and provide you with spiritual readings or fortune-telling sessions. You just need to pick one of them online.

Types of psychic readings available.

Kasamba offers some of the best phone psychic readings in different categories. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Love and relationship
  • Tarot readings
  • Pet psychics
  • Crystal readings
  • Dream analysis
  • Astrology
  • Career forecast

Average services cost. Kasamba has equal prices for a telephone psychic reading and an online chat session. Typically, the sum customers usually pay starts at $1 per minute, but everything depends on the adviser’s experience. For example, the lowest cost set by a highly-ranked adviser may be a minimum of $20. By the way, free psychic readings are available for all newbies as the first three minutes are non-paid at Kasamba.

Why choose Kasamba psychic reading service? 

Here are a few aspects that distinguish Kasamba from other psychic websites:

  • Notifications. If a phone psychic you’d like to communicate with is busy or offline, Kasamba will inform you when the psychic is available for you.
  • Affordable pricing. Costs vary a lot on this platform, so you have an opportunity to get an accurate reading for a reasonable sum.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. In case you dial a psychic for the first time and remain unsatisfied with the quality of service, Kasamba can refund up to $50. 

Indeed, Kasamba has many attractive options and gifted advisers who can guide you through tough times or help you make the right decision. Pick one and get your physic reading over the phone! 

Nebula–Psychic Sessions That Will Change Your Life


  • Great selection of parameters to look for the best advisers.
  • Popping up expert suggestions for psychic phone readings.
  • Users get zodiac profiles displayed in their accounts.
  • Convenient paying system with credits.


  • Psychics’ pages aren’t too detailed.
Nebula phone psychic reading

Nebula is one of the best phone psychic reading sites as it offers a range of categories where a person can get help. Moreover, the top advisers who are among the most gifted in their specialties are there to assist you in adjusting your life. The platform is convenient and clear. All experts have personal cards where their experience, number of consultations and rating are demonstrated. By the way, it’s possible to start a session just by clicking the button that is found among those details, which is a comfortable access point.

Types of psychic readings available.

Nebula allows customers to look for solutions in different spheres of their lives. Here are the categories presented on the website:

  • Tarot readings by phone
  • Numerology
  • Spirituality
  • Astrology
  • Love
  • Rituals
  • Finances

Average services cost. To get over-the-phone psychic reading at Nebula, it’s necessary to buy at least a basic package containing 150 credits for $19.99. Prices start at 20 credits per minute.

Why choose Nebula psychic reading service?

Nebula has many advantages over other psychic websites. Take a look at some of the best ones:

  • Well-designed interface. It’s pleasant to look at the Nebula platform as it’s minimalistic and contains only the necessary information. Moreover, a user’s account deserves special praise as there you’ll find a personal zodiac profile, horoscope, balance and matching advisers.
  • Languages. It’s one of the online psychic reading sites where you may pick English or Spanish-speaking experts.
  • Credit system. Refill your balance with the necessary amount and enjoy sessions continuously. Use an automatic topping-up, and your virtual wallet will be regularly recharged when you have only 30 credits. 

No doubt that it’s a worthy choice for people seeking telephone psychics for astrology readings or other sessions and appreciating the modern approach. So, choose Nebula to dive into the world of mysticism! 

MysticSense–Professional Phone Psychics at Your Service


  • The platform is modern and easy to navigate.
  • Advisers have video presentations.
  • A client can check a psychic’s schedule and set an appointment online.
  • A MysticSense blog is regularly updated and contains interesting articles.
  • Multifunctional customer profiles where you can check your scheduled sessions, billing history, reviews, etc.


  • Many readers are available via live chat only.
MysticSense phone psychic reading

MysticSense is a relatively young service offering high-quality phone psychic readings from some of the best advisers. More than 700 experts are registered on this website, and their specialties vary from soulmates to life paths and destinies. MysticSense allows customers to search for readers by using filters, including their status, categories they work with, tools they use and a reading style, which is pretty convenient. Customer support is available 24/7 so that users can get in touch with managers and find answers to burning questions. 

Types of psychic readings available. 

On MysticSense, you can get phone readings in a selection of spheres, like the following ones:

  • Relationships
  • Career and money
  • Clairvoyant
  • Lost objects
  • Pet psychics
  • Tarot
  • Astrology 

Average services cost. MysticSense offers a free spiritual reading by phone or any other session with a duration of five minutes. Regular sessions cost from 99 cents per minute, and that’s another advantage of this platform. Top advisers have higher prices that can reach $10 per minute.

Why choose MysticSense psychic reading service?

While the competition of websites offering psychic hotline services is great, MysticSense has some benefits:

  • Confidentiality. You may totally trust an adviser and be sure that the information discussed during a session won’t become available to someone else.
  • Range of communication tools. Of course, getting psychic readings by phone is really comfortable, but if you need more options, you can pick messaging or setting up a video connection. 
  • Cutting-edge platform. MysticSense differs from other online psychic services with its designs and convenience. For example, you can watch video introductions made by psychic readers to tell more about themselves and their skills. 

If you need tarot card readings or want to uncover valuable secrets hidden by your zodiac sign, MysticSense is the right choice. Moreover, prices are lower than anywhere on this site, so give it a try!

Keen–Reputable Psychic Reading Site With the Great Offers


  • Keen psychics are available 24/7 to provide you with a psychic reading over the phone.
  • A customer can request callbacks and book appointments online.
  • There’s a Keen app on Google Play and App Store.
  • The matching system picks the best compatible psychic advisers according to your answers.
  • Keen offers free daily horoscopes to everyone.


  • It costs a lot to get online psychic reading services from top-rated advisers.
Keen phone psychic reading

The phone psychics gathered on Keen are among the best for sure. This network started operating in 1999, and its experts have had around 35 million sessions. On the website, you can find not only a professional adviser, but also horoscopes, useful articles, free online tarot readings and much more. The top specialists have over 100,000 reviews, which means that you’ll definitely find a person who will give you valuable insight into any sphere.

Types of psychic readings available.

A customer can rely on Keen psychic readings in such categories as:

  • Love and relationships
  • Financial outlook
  • Destiny and life path
  • Past lives
  • Spiritual readings
  • Tarot

Average services cost. Keen does not charge new customers for the first three minutes. The lowest price is $1.99 per minute, while the same time of a session with a top adviser may be $50 minimum

Why choose Keen psychic reading service?

There are many reasons to choose online psychic readings at Keen, but here are the strongest ones:

  • Connection with professional advisers. The Keen network involves experts located in different parts of the globe, so you really have an opportunity to contact readers among the best in the world.
  • Range of communication tools. Except for psychic telephone readings, a customer may have a session via live chat or mail.
  • Informative expert profiles. Experts’ pages contain not only details about their experience and specialties, but also bios uncovering their backgrounds, explanations to approach styles, reviews and endorsed strengths. 

At Keen, you’ll get an accurate phone tarot card reading, spiritual guidance or important information from an astrologist. Prices vary, and therefore everyone should be able to find the cost suiting their budget. So, contact Keen psychics and start a session that will clarify things for you!

AskNow–Psychic Phone Readings on Any Topic


  • A new customer can ask a question for free upon buying an introductory package.
  • AskNow returns five minutes if you’re not satisfied with the first adviser.
  • Reasonable prices for starters.
  • Top phone psychics have pages with answers to interview questions.


  • AskNow app is available only on the App Store.
AskNow phone psychic reading

AskNow is one of the best psychic hotlines allowing customers to connect with gifted advisers. It was created way back in 2005. Service managers carefully pick each candidate, whether they’re tarot readers or mediums. In fact, among hundreds of applicants, only a few experts are lucky to offer sessions on AskNow. When it comes to readings, a person can rate and write a detailed review right after finishing a conversation with a specialist.

Types of psychic readings available.

Customers searching for a psychic reading over the phone services can find advisers working with the following areas on AskNow: 

  • Love and relationship
  • Money and finance
  • Career
  • Tarot reading
  • Spiritual guides
  • Numerology
  • Astrology, etc.

Average services cost. AskNow offers five minutes of free psychic reading and two introductory packages that cost $30 and $40. On average, prices range between $1 to $13.99.

Why choose AskNow psychic reading service?

Picking a psychics telephone on AskNow makes sense because this platform has the following perks:

  • Accurate search. A user can set different filters, including availability, reading style, adviser type, price and categories. Choosing those parameters helps find experts suiting your requirements best of all.
  • Flexible paying system. When you run out of minutes received with your package during psychic readings, you’ll be offered a chance to continue according to the rate set by an adviser. Or you can hang up after a warning.
  • Online schedule. AskNow allows you to check when a particular expert is available and book a phone tarot reading or any other consultation type online by picking the most comfortable time for you. 

This service is worth your attention with its excellent offers and packages. Find out some secret information from the gifted psychics found on AskNow!

Oranum–Cheap Psychic Readings and Phone Sessions 


  • Numerous features, including psychic stories and video content.
  • You can have a group session with a favorite reader.
  • Newcomers get a 50% discount on their first consultation and regular promotions.
  • Regular contests for advisers.
  • Users are allowed to add psychics to favorites and send them surprises.


  • The website is confusing and hard to navigate.
  • Exclusive advisers’ video content is paid.
Oranum phone psychic reading

The Oranum experts offer some of the best phone psychic readings and a pleasant customer experience. This platform is considered one of the most progressive in the niche as it’s packed with options other sites don’t have. For example, tarot card readers and other advisers can have live streams, upload photos and videos on their pages and even create stories like on social media. Moreover, customers can choose a language for convenient communication with a medium.

Types of psychic readings available.

Whenever you need to call a psychic and ask an important question, you may pick from the following sections:

  • Astrology
  • Dream interpretation
  • Clairvoyance
  • Healing
  • Mediumship
  • Crystals
  • Numerology
  • Runes, etc.

Average services cost. A user can buy a package for $27.99 and contact a psychic over the phone. Typically, prices range from 98 cents to $9.99-plus credits per minute on Oranum.

Why choose Oranum psychic reading service?

Those seeking a cutting-edge website will highly praise Oranum. Check out its best features:

  • 24/7 customer support. Oranum takes care of its users and offers the assistance of managers on any day of the week at any hour of the day. 
  • Broadcasting. You can join a group chat and ask questions that bother you. Of course, it won’t be a private conversation, but you may find out something interesting.
  • Numerous communication options. If you don’t want to limit yourself to talking to psychics over the phone, you can choose online chat, two-way audio and video readings.
  • Extended search. Not only category and price are available among the offered parameters, but also years of experience and the region where an adviser is located.

Although you don’t get a free psychic reading on this site, you reach so much more, including a welcome package of credits, regular discounts and a selection of excellent features. Pick Oranum to get an incomparable user experience in the industry of the paranormal! 

How do we test and check services?

To choose the best psychic hotlines offering authentic online tarot card reading and other services, we researched the niche, tested popular platforms and got sessions with advisers registered there. Here are aspects that were taken into account:

  • Prices and welcome bonuses. Having a chance to contact gifted advisers for a reasonable sum is important for an average customer. A  minute on the chosen sites costs only $1 to $2. Moreover, each one allows a new user to get a free psychic reading online. 
  • Readers are registered on a platform. Reputable services such as the ones listed here pick phone psychics depending on the results they demonstrate and the skills they have. Only candidates proving their abilities and demonstrating personal features allowing them to work with and help people are accepted. We had sessions with experts on all the presented platforms and remained satisfied with their approach and given information. 
  • Refund policy. When looking for psychic phone readings, it’s necessary to understand that a particular network really takes care of its quality and customers. If a person isn’t satisfied with the session, the hotlines should have a chance to return a customer’s  funds. All mentioned services have a money-back guarantee.
  • Range of categories. Whether you’re interested in phone tarot readings, astrology, spiritual guidance or mediumship, you’ll find everything on those sites. You can discuss topics in any sphere of your life, from a romantic relationship to business.
  • Communication tools. A customer should feel comfortable contacting a psychic adviser. The listed services offer users to connect with experts via online chat, telephone or webcam. Some of them even allow sending voice messages and writing to a specialist while they’re broadcasting.

You may totally trust the checked platform and call a psychic chosen there for spiritual help and soul healing.

✅ Get 100 FREE Credits at Nebula psychic reading service after registration

How does a psychic phone reading work?

The world of mysticism becomes closer with psychic reading websites. You can cast a love spell online or call an adviser and describe your problems where only spirits may help. And here’s how everything works if you choose to contact via phone:

  1. Registration on a platform. Upon joining the service, you’ll get a preset amount of minutes to enjoy free readings or any other bonus.
  2. Adviser search. If the service has different filters, use them to narrow down the results. Pick the category, price, rating, experience and other parameters that are presented.
  3. Choose an expert. When the site generates profile suggestions for you, search for a reader matching your preferences. Check out reviews, read the bios and learn more about the experts’ skills. 
  4. Contact an adviser. When the adviser your desire is online and available for a session, dial the psychic’s phone number by pressing an appropriate button. You’ll be connected with the psychic  within seconds. But if a particular specialist is busy at the moment, you may book an appointment. Take a look at the specialists’ schedule and pick the time that is the most convenient for you.
  5. Describe your problem and ask a question. It’s necessary to relax and focus on a topic to get accurate psychic readings. An adviser will listen to you and give you insights depending on the specialty you’ve chosen. Once you pick tarot phone reading, an expert will use cards. If you want to communicate with mediums or astrologers, the experts will use other methods. 
  6. Finish the session and rate a reader. Now that you’ve got answers to your questions, think about the quality of a session and the adviser’s approach. Write a review to share your experience and help other customers to make the right choice.

As you can see, online psychic reading websites with hotlines work easily, but if you face issues, you can contact customer support. 

How much is a phone psychic reading? 

Typically, services offering psychic readings over the phone have an optimal price range for customers. You can have a session that costs only $1 per min. In this case, if you communicate with an adviser for 10 minutes, you’ll spend only $10. However, you should remember that picking top experts may be a more expensive solution as their rates often start at $10 per minute and rise higher. Thus, you can spend $100 for a conversation lasting during the same period.

When it comes to phone reading on an online psychic reading platform based on a credit system, the sum won’t differ a lot. You’ll pay around $1 per minute for connecting with a less experienced expert who sets lower prices, while the cost of services for a top expert will be higher. 

Notice that the category chosen doesn’t affect the total sum, whether you look for numerology psychics or past life readings.

Reasons to get a psychic reading over the phone

Picking psychic readings over the phone is a solution with many essential benefits. Here are a few reasons why you may opt to do this:

  • You’ll quickly set a connection with an adviser. The adviser will have an opportunity to better feel your energy and sense the condition of your soul and state of mind.
  • Psychic phone readings are available 24/7. In most cases, you’ll always find an expert ready to communicate with you at any hour of the day.
  • It’s a convenient method of communication. If you prefer talking over typing in a messenger app, dial an adviser’s number and enjoy a conversation.
  • You’ll save some precious minutes. For example, texting takes more time than describing a situation over the phone to a psychic.
  • Such a session is cheaper compared to in-person meetings. A reader who works with people in real life usually has pretty high prices. Moreover, you’ll have to spend money on getting to them.
  • You have more options. Psychic phone readings allow you to choose from some of the best advisers online according to your preferences, and offline visits don’t give you that choice.
  • Location isn’t a problem. You may communicate with an expert who is based a thousand miles away from you.
  • It’s an excellent option when you need to get wise advice immediately. Whether you face problems at work or have a conflict with your partner, just contact psychic mediums. 
  • You may record a conversation. Normally, you’d like to hear those important spiritual things that an expert will tell you, and you’ll have a chance to do this.
  • You don’t have to worry about privacy. If there’s no one near you, your conversation will remain confidential.
  • Ask about anything you want and even more. Once you find psychic readings online and contact an adviser via telephone, you can talk about your business, love, dreams and a range of other subjects. Moreover, extra questions can pop up during communication, so you may also discuss those.

A dial-a-psychic reading session is an excellent way to contact an adviser directly and speak about things that bother you.

✅ Get 100 FREE Credits at Nebula psychic reading service after registration


Do phone psychic readings work? No doubt that such sessions can be effective and comfortable. If you need help to get through hard times or want to know more about your inner strength, you can dial a number of a preferable adviser. The range of prices is large on the exceptional platforms listed above, so you’ll find services matching your budget expectations. Of course, you can choose online psychic chat readings, but talking to a medium or tarot expert in person may be a better solution due to a more personal approach.  


Can you get free psychic readings by phone?

The best platforms grant newcomers free minutes or welcome credits upon registration. Such deals allow customers to enjoy phone psychic reading services and save their money. Users don’t have to pay for the preset amount of time or they can use the received bonuses to cover expenses.

What is there to avoid during a psychic reading over the phone?

When communicating with a psychic reader, you shouldn’t expect too much. Of course, you’d like to hear only pleasant things, but if an adviser says something controversial, don’t be disappointed. It’s also necessary to avoid asking questions about different subjects. Focus on one topic, and then, you’ll get an accurate psychic reading.

How long is a typical phone psychic reading?

The duration of a phone conversation with online psychic readers varies per individual. While the optimal time is 10 to 15 minutes, some customers might need more time for a psychic to help resolve their issues. Moreover, you should take into account that communication with psychic mediums, astrologers and numerologists may be longer as they need to focus, set the connection with you and spirits, etc. 

How accurate are phone psychic readings?

Phone psychics who offer their help through the best online services are gifted and experienced. The abilities of candidates are carefully tested by managers before they’re allowed to work with people through professional websites. When contacting those readers via telephone, you’ll get the necessary information and spiritual guidance you need.

Advertiser Disclosure: The article contains affiliate links and we will receive a compensation if you make a purchase after clicking through these links.

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