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.Best Place to See a Show, Get a Buzz, and Get a Tattoo

Eli's Mile High Club

As a general rule, booze and tattoos aren’t the wisest combination. Alcohol thins the blood and tends to cloud judgment; one too many drinks and a crude sketch of Bart Simpson mooning a cop begins to seem like a reasonable thing to get inked on your forearm. But despite the potential regret that can result from a combination of intoxication and permanence, a tattoo shop-slash-bar just seems like a fitting fusion, with both venues appealing to similar crowds. Since Eli’s Mile High Club launched The Club House Tattoo Shop on its second floor in April, it can now lay claim to being the only bar in the East Bay where you can eat French fries, drink sugary and delicious alcoholic concoctions like the Elderflower Cooler, check out a monthly rotation of art, see a raging punk or metal show, and then get a tattoo to commemorate the ridiculously fun time you had.


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music in the park san jose