.Best Place to Eat Alone

Ramen Shop

Sure, enjoying a great meal in a big, loud, loving group is one of life’s pleasures. But sometimes, you just want to indulge in your God-given right to stuff your face in glorious solitude, without having to contend with such trivialities as “conversation” or “sharing.” And for those moments, you can’t do much better than Ramen Shop, where the thick wooden bar almost always has a spot for one (even at the typically very busy restaurant’s busiest moments) and a prime view into the frenetic, fascinating open kitchen. The service is casual and never pushy — no sad “just one tonight?”s here — and, most important of all, the ramen itself is exactly the right kind of indulgent for solo dining: messy, slurp-y, rich, so good you want to eat it all, very quickly, with absolutely no regard for decorum.


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