Best Local Music Listings for Teens

Steve Koepke's List

Those who frequent local all-ages venues may have noticed an older guy with an unkempt mustache and a few scraggly gray locks handing out flyers to young Mohicans. That’d be longtime East Bay computer guy Steve Koepke, and the flyers would be his no-nonsense listing of just about every rock ‘n’ roll show in the Bay Area. We’re talking every show. Besides the standard club fare, the List includes all kinds of obscure all-ages performances at offbeat venues that even the alternative press had never heard of. Consider this April 6 listing: “Nine Shocks Terror, Cruevo, Dirtbag at the Cruevo House, 2841 Helen Street, Oakland a/a 3pm ** @.” The codes mean all-ages (a/a), Koepke recommends it (**), and moshing is likely (@). The List includes other resources, such as info on venues and underground radio shows, numbers for ticket vendors, and links to similar lists in other cities. Koepke e-mails his weekly tome to more than 1,600 locals, and his Web site leads to lots of online versions, some with search functions. It’s a ton of work, and Koepke does it out of the goodness of his heart (except for the odd dollar he makes peddling punk-rock fridge magnets). You can forget dogs and diamonds: The List is a bored East Bay teenager’s best friend. E-mail Koepke at [email protected] to subscribe.

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