Best Digital Artist

JC Garrett

Digital art has come a long way since the era of chrome women, endless
tiled plains, and floating polygons, but it still often looks both
hyperreal and unreal, like the bodiless CGI in movies: silicon-based
eye candy rather than carbon-based self-expression. This is decidedly
not the case with JC Garrett’s satirical prints, which, far from
exulting in their state-of-the-art computational muscle, have instead a
retro, precomputer look that recalls the zippy, montage-based
commercial styles of the 1960s. While the artist employs some
photographic imagery, he draws most of it with a mouse, bringing a
traditional artistic subjectivity and gesture into these mash-ups of
politics, sex, commerce, and war. In “Candidate 2007,” a colossal
Hillary head rests atop media logos, awaiting the cranes that will
hoist it into position. “Fractured Fairy Tales” is Garrett’s
self-portrait composed of eight separate images, almost like those old
TV ads with the pounding hammer, tautened rope, and sparking electrodes
denoting headache pain —  the floating world of our
mediasphere and mindscape.

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