.Best Chance to Hear Music from the Depths of the Internet

NVR OVR at The Layover

There’s something about monthly events that makes them more special. Perhaps it’s because partygoers appreciate them more or because the anticipation builds up the hype. Either way, NVR OVR is one event (occurring every fourth Saturday of the month) at which you can always count on having a whole lot of fun. The brainchild of DJ Willie Maze, this is where you go to hear “new new” music, culled from obscure and underground artists on SoundCloud and elsewhere on the internet. You’ll hear rap, trap, juke, hyphy, and every other hip-hop sub-genre and have a chance to dance your ass off with dozens of other people. If you want to practice your twerking or impress your date by how hip you are, this is your event.


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