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Lost and Found Beer Garden

There’s something distinctly, deeply Oakland about the new beer garden from the folks behind the Layover, and it’s not just the massive, all-caps “OAKLAND” painted on the south wall of the bar’s outdoor space. Maybe it’s the diversity — hipsters and hippies standing in the bathroom line with punks and metal kids and Cool Dads and all the other subcultures that make this city great. Maybe it’s the casualness — at a moment when so many bars feel like the drinking equivalent of white-table restaurants, all lacquer and loud music, Lost and Found is more like hanging out in the backyard of one of your coolest friends, if said friend somehow had a dozen great beers on tap, made a really good crispy pig’s ear, and had an excellent collection of succulents. Or maybe it really is as simple as those dozen beers and those really, really strangely good pig’s ears: This is a place that takes eating and drinking seriously. Or hella seriously, you might say.


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