May 30, 2018

Living on Ohlone Land

Diane Williams plants with Johnella LaRose at a miniature rendering of a traditional Ohlone dance arbor on 105th Avenue in Oakland. Credits: Photo by Lori...
Feb 28, 2018

The University of Nuclear Bombs

When Nobu Hanaoka was 8 months old, the city where he lived and played was consumed by a...
Aug 30, 2017

Climate Change Activists Not Deterred by California’s Industry-Friendly Law

CBE scientist Greg Karras says emissions caps are urgently needed. Credits: Pat Mazzera In April, as California legislators deliberated...
Jul 14, 2017

Environmentalists Protest As Gov. Jerry Brown Promotes Climate-Change Laws That Would Hurt Bay Area...

Climate-justice advocates were out in force yesterday at the state Capitol, protesting two bills that they argue would eliminate the Bay Area control over...
Apr 18, 2017

State Air Resources Board Supports Proposal to Block Increased Bay Area Tar Sands Refining

The California Air Resources Board has announced support for a proposal that would block the increasing use of Alberta tar sands and other extra-polluting...
Feb 21, 2017

Bay Area Might Adopt World’s First Regional Oil-Refinery Emissions Caps

On May 17, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District will consider a proposal that would make the San Francisco Bay Area...
Oct 20, 2016

Popular Fremont Hiking Spot for Selfies Prompts Parking Lot on Sacred Land

Hikers line up to take photos and selfies at the ever popular Mission Peak Regional Preserve summit in Fremont. Credits: Photo Courtesy Of Miguel Vieira/Flickr In...
Jul 19, 2016

Beyond Cap-and-Trade: Many Environmentalists Say California Will Improve Climate Policy If It Reduces Emissions...

Gov. Jerry Brown has so far been unable to muster two-thirds of state legislators to vote to extend the program beyond its current 2020 expiration.