.Aaron Carnes

Apr 28, 2021

How Art Moves

Aaron Carnes writes about Quentel the Cryptid’s new album, ‘Shadow Box' and their promise to the audience to provide a full, sensory experience that transcends the typical rock concert.
Jan 27, 2021

Pissed Punk Kids

Back in the '80s, local metal band Desecration was playing a DIY show alongside Death Angel and The Possessed. As Desecration went into a...
Nov 25, 2020

Three Cheers for Lunchbox

The shelter-in-place orders earlier this year not only effectively ended live music, they also pushed a lot of bands into the world of home...
Oct 21, 2020

Spacemoth’s electro-punk confronts patriarchy, fascism

In late August, local musician Maryam Qudus released "Asking For You," a song that straddles Devo electro-punk energy and washed-out surreal soundscapes. It has...
Sep 30, 2020

Fed Up

Former East Bay art-punkers Mansion created exciting and dissonant music, with a visceral live show that felt like the members were playing noisy, sonic...
Sep 2, 2020

Music on Purpose

In 2012, local experimental duo Grex recorded a playful, jazzy reworking of the Filipino national anthem. Before releasing it, Karl Evangelista—half of the band—got...
Aug 26, 2020

The Butterfly Effect

2015 was a tense year. Protesters took to the streets in multiple states, demanding an end to police brutality amid several high-profile cases where...
Aug 5, 2020

A Movable Feast

A while back, local singer-songwriter Madeline Kenney fell in love, and it was a beautiful thing. But it was also a scary, vulnerable and...