A Martian Intensive

For the week of November 9-15, 2011.

If you’re thinking of leaving something — anything — for later, think again. Whatever you put off, push back, or postpone during this week and the next several weeks is likely to linger until July 2012. And because there’s simply no room for slackers, now would be the time to get busy and “get it done.” The best news about this astral hustle and bustle is that the planets provide the power to accomplish just about any task. But don’t worry if you don’t feel like working. There are equal opportunities for fun. Just be aware: The impulse that underlies the coming days and nights could persuade many of us, even those who prefer to revel, to roll up our sleeves and devote ourselves to the gratification of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Mars takes the helm of this enterprising phase, and given the intensity of its interactions, we would be wise to listen closely to its commands. Mars enters Virgo on November 10 and doesn’t leave until July 3, 2012. Mars is the principle of energy. Virgo is the Sign of details, and while its devotion to the minutia can often devolve into a cliché, it’s important to recognize that the core of that devotion is a deep awareness of the interconnectedness of life. Virgo is where we recognize all our relations. Pisces may get all the kudos for psychic sensitivity, but its counterpart, Virgo, is no less sensitive, and no less aware of the oneness of being. It sees the sacred in the particulars. On a practical level, eight months of Mars in Virgo is going to insist on organization — so get ready to get rid of all kinds of clutter, inside and out.

As soon as Mars enters Virgo, it forms an immediate trine to Pluto, which will be exact on November 23 and linger until December 6. A Mars/Pluto trine supplies prodigious amounts of power and energy that can be channeled into all sorts of endeavors from the physical to the metaphysical. But that’s not all. Mars also trines Jupiter on November 8-25, forming a Grand Trine in Earth, which is exact on November 16. This combination of Mars/Jupiter/Pluto provides the possibility for grounded success, because it affords the ability to see the big picture in all of its glorious particulars. When concept aligns with the nuts and bolts of manifestation, the result is the potential to ground vision into reality.

For some, the high-pitched, fast-paced rhythm of recent weeks already feels overwhelming: Too much needs to get done in too little time. But being busy doesn’t have to lead to burnout and time isn’t a tyrant. As always, it’s our response to the planets that determines our experience. So find a comfortable personal pace that allows you to move through these astral currents without getting swept away. And when possible, help your fellow travelers do the same.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Mars focuses on the details, and while that isn’t necessarily your “thing,” if you take the time to pay attention to the particulars, you’ll be surprised to find how gratifying it can be to handle the small stuff.

TAURUS Mars excites self-expression, providing opportunities to combine creative vision with clear intent, a necessary partnership for actualizing success. Take your time — these opportunities won’t evaporate before you have a chance to harness their power.

GEMINI You don’t often acknowledge what you need to feel safe and secure, but as Mars stirs deep-seated emotions, you may find yourself in the deep waters of need. Embrace this process, but also allow yourself to ask for help.

CANCER Better figure out how to use the recording app on your smart phone, because Mars activates more conversations than you can imagine, and you’ll need a way to remember and organize the data. (You’ll also need throat lozenges.)

LEO Mars places you firmly in the financial zone and you’re all about making money. Good — you thrive on success, and if you devote yourself to hard work, you’ll be pleased with the results.

VIRGO Don’t even think about holding back. Mars is in your Sign for the next eight months, and you are the leader. Be enthusiastic and you’ll surprise everyone, even yourself, with how easy it is to inspire a following.

LIBRA Your inclination is to turn deeply internal and withdraw from the hubbub of daily interactions. While pulling away may be a wise choice in certain instances, don’t let the need for quiet contemplation turn into brooding.

SCORPIO Mars stimulates a need for personal freedom in all areas of your life, especially any endeavor involving partners. It’s not that you can’t cooperate; you simply need to find the company of equals.

SAGITTARIUS For the next eight months there are abundant opportunities to create a new level of success. Take advantage of this phase by being willing to do whatever it takes — within legal limits — to build your empire.

CAPRICORN Mars catalyzes a need for adventure, as well as a search for a more expansive perspective. Don’t be surprised if the travel bug bites you. But also be prepared for profound internal journeys that will shift your point of view.

AQUARIUS Mars amplifies your senses and creates a new level of psychic awareness. Take your time adjusting to this new view, and you’ll learn how to recalibrate your responses to the unseen undercurrents.

PISCES The focus is on your relationships, including, and most importantly, your partnership with yourself. Use this Martian intensive on relating to revitalize how you interact with all your relations.


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