.A Marijuana Ad During the Super Bowl?

An aging drug law reform group is staging a pretty modern publicity stunt right now: The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is trying to get a pro-marijuana advertisement on international television during the upcoming Super Bowl. The Super Bowl ad will be paid for by Quickbooks-maker Intuit, which is holding a popularity contest for small businesses. The team with the most online votes wins the marketing opportunity of a lifetime.

After the contest was announced, the forty-year-old NORML used its huge online network to begin stuffing ballots, quickly shooting to the lead in Intuit’s contest last week.



Most assumed Intuit would disqualify the advocacy group. The software maker has severed business ties with dispensaries in the past. But Intuit stood pat on NORML’s bid, and today the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that NORML has advanced to round two of the contest.

Will we ever see a pro-pot ad shown during the Super Bowl? The odds just got slightly better.


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