10:47 a.m. Sunday: Best Spot to Score a Sunday Times Sugar-Rush

Nabolom Bakery

Residents of Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood already know there’s nothing like the one-two combo of the Sunday Times and an Infamous Twist at Nabolom Bakery. The small bakery offers a delicious array of wonderful pastries, cookies, breads, and even pizza, but the sugar fiends among us have eyes only for the Twist — a mound of gooey pastry dough slathered in brown sugar. The I.T. has such a high sugar content, it’ll keep a middle-aged man high on the goof until Sixty Minutes comes on later that night. (We’re estimating here, but you get the idea.) Arriving early is always a kosher idea at Nabolom, but like most items, fresh batches of the Twist arrive frequently as the day grows long. So, even if you bed-head it on over around noon, you might luck out and pluck a hot one out of the oven. If not, there’s always a microwave to re-create the warmth. The bakery also attracts a great cross-section of Sunday-morning stragglers: bicyclists, kids, parents, golden retrievers, young couples, old couples, odd couples. So it’s a great spot to pull up one of the lawn chairs outside and park it with the Paper of Record for an hour. Or for however long that sugar high lasts.

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