.The Incredible You

For the week of May 18-24, 2011.

This week and next, the planets are aligned in “down-to-earth” formations that make the air of daily life hyper-ambitious and super-determined. Be prepared to make “priorities and commitments” your personal mantra, but don’t be surprised if you hear plenty of other people muttering the same chant. Also be aware that not everyone you’re involved with or connected to, personally or professionally, shares the same goals — no matter what they may profess. And as the next weeks unfold, that lack of shared vision could produce sudden and startling twists of fate. Because it’s never possible to control the outcome of this week (or any other), be flexible rather than assuming a rigid stance. Be willing to modify your position, but don’t think for a moment that your capacity to stretch is equivalent to abandoning your vision. The “priorities and commitments” mantra is the product of a much deeper current underlying the flow of the week: the potential for crystal-like clarity about what you want to accomplish and how you want to go about creating that reality.

Several positive Pluto configurations form the core of this week’s powerful potential to actualize your vision. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are conjunct in Taurus and each is also in a trine to Pluto, in Capricorn:

(1) A Venus/Pluto trine supports powerful creative endeavors as well as the power of attraction. Use this positive force to fall madly in love with almost everyone — including you. But be aware that in some cases the underlying magnetism may be more about a power game than an open-hearted amorous adventure. Under Venus/Pluto contacts, the thrill of the chase and conquest is often more exciting than the happily ever after.

(2) A Mercury/Pluto trine is certain to facilitate sharp minds, and because everyone has access to this intellectual power-boost, quick repartee based on astute powers of observation could lead to extraordinary insights. This mental might could just as easily turn into the power to persuade or bamboozle, so be careful how you use “the force.” You don’t want to Obi-Wan Kanobi-ize the wrong person or people for the wrong reason.

(3) The temptation to dominate is exacerbated by a Mars/Pluto trine, also a positive interaction that has the capacity to supply almost superhuman power, as well as off-the-chart self-confidence. When Mars and Pluto join together, we mere mortals experience nearly immortal strength, a state that can cause many of us to work or play nonstop. While moderation won’t be possible, even the idea of temperance could help you to avoid overextension.

For the last several weeks, as the planets piled up in Aries, there were lots of opportunities to envision new frontiers. Now, the planets are providing the physical and practical muscle to realize some of those dreams. Seize the moment, but as you do, remember to be kind, courteous, and generous to your fellow travelers who are also trying to turn their dreams into reality.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Yes, there are tangible opportunities to improve your financial situation. Concentrate on being practical and focus your time and energy on pragmatic plans to achieve your goals.

TAURUS Own your power, allow your charismatic light to shine, and don’t worry about stealing the show. Right now, that’s exactly what you are meant to do and exactly what will serve you best.

GEMINI Trust your intuition, and you’ll make the right moves. All you have to do is assess the data, and your innate capacity to connect the dots will allow you to make several significant decisions quickly and decisively.

CANCER You are in a much more visible position than you are used to, but overexposure doesn’t have to translate into a weakened condition. Contemplate the notion that in certain instances vulnerability equals strength.

LEO You are at the beginning of a new phase of professional accomplishment, and there is no need to worry that your opportunities will fade away. So take your time and be precise, focused, and determined to make the most of this moment.

VIRGO Taking advantage of this powerful time translates into finding an operating system that enhances your ability to blend material needs with spiritual aspirations. This synthesis is not as difficult to create as you may think — it simply means walking your talk.

LIBRA Drop to the deepest level of need, and you’ll become aware of the underlying emotional themes affecting your interactions. Allow those realizations to transform co-dependent relationship patterns that keep you mired in disappointment.

SCORPIO Expect surprisingly candid conversations with partners, personal as well as professional, to have a remarkable effect on your desire to restructure and renovate old belief systems about the healing power of intimacy.

SAGITTARIUS Make the most of tangible, concrete opportunities to improve your finances. Roll up your sleeves, and continue to work just as hard as you have been — only this time, the results are likely to be worth the effort.

CAPRICORN Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling exceptionally romantic — not that you have to fall in love to experience the thrill of this earthy, sensuous energy. You could simply continue to express yourself without hesitation.

AQUARIUS Sometimes we’re drawn to material stability, and at others we’re moved to create a psychological foundation strong enough to support deep exploration into what we need to feel safe. It’s your choice how to spend this precious energy.

PISCES Turn the situation on its head and examine the details from an entirely different perspective. You may not find a miracle cure, but you’ll certainly make a breakthrough in your approach, and that could make solving the problem much easier. 


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