.California Chamber of Commerce Puts Prop 19 on Blast

Today the California Chamber of Commerce, one of the most powerful lobbies in Sacramento, held a press conference bashing Prop 19, claiming employers would have to permit employees to smoke marijuana at work. But First Amendment lawyer and Prop 19 author James Wheaton says the Chamber is lying. Employees don’t have to let workers come to work drunk, and they wouldn’t have to let them come to work high. Furthermore, employers can already fire employees at will, as well as if they fail a drug test, and that will not change if Prop 19 passes. On page 3 and 4 of the Prop 19 text it states “This Act is not intended to affect the application of enforcement of the following state laws relating to public health and safety or protection of children and others: … nor any law prohibiting use of controlled substances in the workplace or by specific persons whose jobs involve public safety.”


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