.27 Best Male Sex Toys to Reach New Levels of Orgasm

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It’s an understatement that male sex toys have evolved from simple silicone sleeves. Nowadays, you’ll find more men (and those assigned male at birth) raving over novelty cock rings, automated strokers and prostate vibrators.

And why not?

Today’s sex toys for men provide a new array of stronger sensations and feel amazing. Whether you’re into edging, stamina training or prostate milking, sex toys have you covered. 

Better yet, features like vibration, suction and stroke control help you erupt in pleasure with each use.

Let’s sift through the best sex toys for men together and separate the good from the mind-blowing

What Kind of Sex Toys Do Men Use? The 5 Main Types

1) Fleshlights and Strokers

Fleshlight toys have become synonymous with silicone stroking sleeves. They’re a popular classic and the male sex toy of choice. The orifices are designed to simulate vaginal, oral or anal sex, with the best Fleshlights featuring internal lumps and bumps for extra toe-curling fun.

2) Automatic Masturbators

Sometimes called “blow job machines,” these high-tech male sex toys can either be stroker mounts or have an integrated sleeve. They can automatically suck, vibrate and/or pulsate to bring you a life-like experience. Yes, really.

3) Penis Vibrators

These male sex toys vibrate along any desired part of the penis shaft. Perfect for tip attention or perineum love, too.

4) Cock Rings

Sex toys for men are worn at the base of the shaft. The restricted blood flow helps create longer-lasting erections. Some versions come with vibrations for your shaft or your partner’s clitoris. 

5) Prostate Massagers

The best male sex toys for a potent climactic experience that lingers. These manual and vibrating massagers caress the prostate, tipping your senses over into explosive pleasure. Try one and thank me later.

27 Best Male Sex Toys for Stronger Sensations and Orgasms

1. Fun Factory Manta—Best Male Sex Toy Overall

fun factory manta male sex toy

  • $139.99
  • Powerful motor
  • Deep vibrations
  • Comfortable grip
  • Ridges hold lube for a better glide

Very few male sex toys offer the deep intense satisfaction of Fun Factory’s Manta. 

A brilliant vibrating stroker, this kooky emerald number is ideal for targeted stimulation and light stroking. The tip of the vibrator is designed with flexible wings for the perfect grip.

The trick with the Manta is lubrication. 

The ridges hold lubricant during use, so you can easily stroke the wings up and down. Glide it along the shaft slowly, or target your tip and frenulum with deep vibrations.

Better yet, whip the Manta out during foreplay with your partner.

The almost-unisex winged tip can also be used on the nipples and clitoris, making it a unique, inclusive couple’s toy. Plus it’s 100% waterproof, so you can take your foreplay party to the shower.

If user reviews are anything to go by, a friendly blow job coupled with the Manta is the closest you’ll come to heaven in this lifetime. 

2. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage—Top Compact Male Sex Toy

fleshlight quickshot vantage

  • $34.95
  • Realistic sleeve textures 
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • See-through for full optical pleasure
  • Easy to clean

The Quickshot Vantage is a transparent sleeve stroker and one of Fleshlight’s smallest male sex toys to date. Packed with winding internal textures, it’s an excellent one-and-done toy.

The open-ended design is a double whammy of pleasure and convenience, if you ask us. Firstly, the two ends mean that cleanup is a breeze after solo sessions. 

But more importantly, it means that you can use the male sex toy with your partner during fellatio to enhance the way you receive oral sex.

The clear sleeve provides the benefit of viewing pleasure, which after all, as visual beings, we cannot complain about. 

Best of all, we love that it requires no batteries or recharging, which means you are always just a stroke away from a happy ending without having to worry about power. 

3. Lelo TOR 2—Excellent Male Sex Toy for Couple’s Play

lelo tor 2 male sex toy

  • $139
  • Six vibration settings
  • Flexible ring
  • Waterproof
  • Use alone or with a partner
  • Powerful vibrating sensation

If long-lasting erections are what you are after, then the Lelo TOR 2 is the vibrating cock ring for you. 

The rumbly vibration can be felt deep through the base of the shaft while spreading the same vibrations to your partner’s clitoris. From slight humming to intense quivering, the choice is yours.

As a luxury male sex toy, the TOR 2 is made from premium silicone, with a flexible ring to fit most sizes.

Although it might not fit girthier users, it still offers a more vibrating surface, so that both users can experience a powerful orgasm using the ring.

4. Fleshlight Flight Pilot—Top-Notch Men’s Sex Toy by Fleshlight 

fleshlight flight pilot

  • $54.95
  • SuperSkin body-safe material
  • Realistic sensations
  • 6-inch insertable length
  • Three texture chambers 

The Flight Pilot is a sleek and discreet version of the original Fleshlight design. With realistic internal textures, the Pilot feels almost better than the real thing. 

There are three texture chambers, with 6 inches of insertable length. Each chamber has different textures—nodules, ridges and ribs—which come to life with some water-based lube.

The Pilot’s unassuming design is travel-friendly (take that, airport security!), and the variety of sensations make it a great first male sex toy for beginners.

And if shower fun is your thing, this male sex toy is compatible with useful accessories such as a shower mount, available separately on the site. 

5. Lovense Max 2—Premium Remote Control Masturbator for Men

lovense max 2

  • Bluetooth app control
  • Three modes of 360-degree contractions
  • Adjustable suction vent
  • Six vibration modes 
  • Neutral sleeve opening

Lovense is the king of remote-control sex toys, and the Max 2 is its reigning champion for men. It’s a futuristic automated masturbator with app control

The male sex toy is home to a sublime inner sleeve with semi-spherical nodules as texture. It’s a triple threat that offers 360-degree contractions, vibrations and a suction control vent

This means that you can customize your sensations and make each session unique

What I find most attractive is the app control. Not only can you use the app by yourself, but you can also pair your male sex toy with other Lovense products like the Nora (or another Max 2), for long-distance fun.

6. Tenga Onacup Original—Sensational Men’s Sex Toys for One- Time Use

tenga onacup original

  • $10-$17 per cup
  • Pre-lubricated
  • The brand offers different cup openings
  • Cinched in the center for extra tightness
  • Finger-vent for suction control 

The Tenga Onacup is a pre-lubricated sleeve stroker available for single use. It comes in a simple hourglass shape that hugs your shaft with a comfortable cinch.

Soft tendrils inside the cup stimulate your erection, while a nifty air vent at the top allows you to control the suction at the tip. 

The clever lubricant reservoir keeps the glide intact even when you slip into the narrowed interior.

Although you can’t tell by the packaging, the Tenga Onacup has users raving about its realistic sensations and convenience while traveling. 

Plus, it’s easy to use: You just pop the lid and slip it in for a good time. 

7. Lovehoney Mega Mighty 2 Inches Penis Extender—Best Sex Toy for Men Who Need the Extra Length

lovehoney mega mighty penis extender

  • $29.99
  • Adds 2 inches of length
  • Helps you stay erect longer
  • Realistic shape for partner’s pleasure

Give your bits a boost with this incredibly realistic penis extender that comes in three funky colors. 

The true-to-life shape adds extra 2 inches in length and some girth to your natural state. It’s made to fit most shaft sizes, and receivers found the girth a tad overwhelming … at first.

So don’t skimp on the lube.

The Mega Mighty is made of porous materials, which require the mandatory cleansing step before and after each use. 

For those that struggle with premature fireworks, you will love the desensitizing action that promotes longer-lasting erections and enhanced pleasure. 

8. Njoy Pure Wand—Excellent Male Sex Toy for Prostate Play

njoy pure wand

  • $120
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Superior p-spot stimulator
  • 8 inches long
  • Ergonomic curve for multiple positions

To massage your internal pleasure buttons, consider this stainless-steel prostate stimulator. But off the bat, it’s worth noting that this is a firm toy with little squish. 

Although it’s not for beginners to prostate stimulation, it’s a great sex toy if you want a slight transition to advanced male sex toys. 

The curve allows for easy reach when you’re laying in bed and you can switch up the girth by using the bulbous heads on each end. 

It’s a versatile sex toy for solo sessions or with a partner. Plus it’s gender inclusive, so it doesn’t matter if your partner has a prostate or a vulva.

Wave this wand and summon pleasurable magic, for yourself or your partner.

9. Aneros Progasm—Most Satisfying Anal Male Sex Toy

aneros progasm

  • $59.95
  • Polished glass-look finish
  • Responsive to your body’s movements
  • Easy insertion
  • Flared base for security
  • Four pressure points covered

The firm and curvy Aneros Progasm is a prostate massage toy for men. With a smooth glass-like exterior, it slips inside easily with the help of anal lube.

The Aneros is designed to stimulate the prostate when you squeeze your sphincter. This is called the “self-pivot” mechanism.

Besides this, there are two outer stimulators, called the p-tab and k-tab. The first one stimulates the perineum, while the latter “kundalini tab” adds pressure around the sacrum.

This is not just a simple massager. 

It’s larger compared to other prostate sex toys for men, giving a fuller feeling. The design is optimized to give you a pleasurable massage and improve your sexual health.

10. Lelo Loki Wave—Vibrating Male Sex Toy with Dual Stimulation

lelo loki wave male sex toy

  • $219
  • 10 settings
  • Come-hither motion 
  • Extra soft silicone
  • Dual stimulation 

The Lelo Loki Wave has two motors for dual internal and external stimulation. 

Not only does it vibrate inside and out, but the internal curved shaft also moves in a beckoning motion to stimulate the prostate.

The extra soft silicone and the dynamic design make it glide in smoothly with lube and ensure enough flexibility for your body perfectly. 

Plus, cleaning it is a piece of cake.

The Loki is a luxury vibrating prostate massager for users who can handle some girth. The 10 vibration modes ensure that you are in control of the strength of your pleasure.

11. Fleshlight Autumn Falls—Adult Celebrity Endorsed Sex Toy for Men

fleshlight autumn falls

  • $79.98
  • Sleeve modeled after Autumn Falls
  • Butt and vaginal openings available
  • Multi-textured for varied tightness 

Autumn Falls is one of the porn industry’s most celebrated entertainers, and this sleeve collaboration with Fleshlight established Autumn as a household name. 

It features two highly popular sleeves—the Lady and the Booty.

The Lady sleeve features intricate beginner-friendly textures, which include bumps, ridges and a cross grid for some added tightness. 

If you’re into tighter squeezes, Autumns’ Booty sleeve is the way to go. It has more pronounced textures like pyramids and concave bumps for suction.

As with most Fleshlight picks, it’s easy to clean and store, if done thoroughly and properly.

12. Lovense Edge 2—Best Wireless Remote Control Prostate Massager

lovense edge 2

  • $99
  • Magnetic charger
  • Adjustable neck
  • Body-safe materials
  • Wireless remote control sex toy

Lovense Edge 2 is a vibrating prostate massager that can be operated by remote control. 

It has an adjustable head for optimal positioning and whispers quiet vibrations that deliver power. The enlarged bulb ensures targeted retention, so all you need to do is adjust the angle and slip the male sex toy in.

One of the major perks is that the Edge 2 can be controlled from a distance, so you can have fun with your partner at close range or long distances. 

Plus, after cleaning it properly, it can also be used on a clitoris in a pinch.

13. Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet—Best Sex Toys for Guys who Enjoy External Vibrations

lovehoney bedtime bullet

  • $24.99
  • Wired remote control 
  • Two different-sized bullets
  • Seven patterns and three vibration modes
  • Easy to use one-button interface

For versatile external stimulation, consider the Bedtime Bullet set. It’s a hot pink vibrator kit, perfect for couples who love hi-tech foreplay.

The set comes with a one-button remote and two corded bullets that plug into the remote for powerful targeted vibrations.

You can choose from a whopping seven different patterns and three different vibration modes.

If you’re looking to extend the way you perform foreplay as a couple, consider this set. It can be used externally on any part of your body, plus it’s perfect for the shaft, perineum and female clitoris.

14. Tenga Egg Easy Beat—Disposable Egg-Shaped Male Sex Toy 

tenga egg easy beat

  • $39 for a variety pack
  • Disposable egg stroker
  • Comes in a variety of sensations
  • Built-in lubrication

The clever range of Tenga Eggs is the epitome of practical out-of-the-box thinking. 

The concept is a disposable sleeve with a pre-lubricated internal chamber, designed to offer a variety of sensations. 

The internal textures can range from silky smooth ridges and wavy grooves to fine little brushes and little sphere-like knobs for a different feel every time. 

Designed as a single-use toy for added pleasure, the roughly $6.50 cost can be considered a little pricey, but then again, the sensation it offers is simply out of this world. 

15. Autoblow AI—Modern AI Technology Masturbator for Men

autoblow ai

  • $299.99
  • Voice-activated 
  • Remote control toy
  • Customizable stroke length and speed
  • Over 250 different variations on offer

If you are looking for the Space X of blow job machines, then the Autoblow AI is for you. 

It is as simple as lubing yourself up and placing the male sex toy over your junk for an intergalactic ride to sexual nirvana. 

One of the best blow job machines on the market, the automated oral sex simulator comes with a mouth sleeve, which has a ribbed internal texture. Other sleeves like a Lady or Butt sleeve are available for purchase as well.

Autoblow AI is the future embodied into a men’s sex toy. 

You can download custom blow job patterns, set up voice commands and even play with a long-distance partner.

The best part is the customizable penis gripper, so you can adjust the sleeve to your preferred tightness. No more loose strokes for your shaft.

16. Love Honey Thrust Pro Mini Ella—Basic Skin-like Stroking Masturbator for Men

lovehoney thrust pro mini ella

  • $14.99
  • Realistic vagina masturbator
  • Cozy tightness
  • Easy to use
  • Porous material 

The Ella is a basic on-a-budget male sex toy design made to imitate real-life sensations.

This realistic love nook is perfect to use for edging or during a handjob to enhance the sensations.

The smooth and supple TPE material is body safe, and the indentations inside the sleeve are designed to give you a tight yet fully pleasurable ride.

It is worth noting that user reviews say that men with bigger assets find this toy particularly pleasurable. We will leave that up to you to interpret as you will. 

17. Tenga Flip Zero—Most Hygienic Male Sex Toy Available

tenga flip zero

  • $99
  • Flips open for easy cleaning
  • Advanced molding technology
  • Pressure pads for added sensation

If you’re into male sex toys, you know that cleanup is a key step after use. The sleeve can collect dust, bacteria and mold, so cleanup helps keep your body safe.

Even the most diligent person can find sleeves tedious during cleanup, and you’ll be delighted with the Tenga Flip Zero. 

This nifty male masturbator can open to allow for easier cleaning. It splits down the middle so you can easily reach every nook and cranny.

But Flip Zero isn’t just about cleanliness. It gets down and dirty with the internal texture chambers, which provide novelty sensations down your shaft.

18. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II—Best Men’s Sex Toy for Tip and Frenulum Attention

fun factory cobra libre

  • $129.99
  • Rechargeable USB port
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomically designed 

This nifty little cutie is designed as a penis head masturbator and it does an incredible job of bringing about a powerful orgasm. 

Unlike other toys that are designed to stimulate the full length of your John Hancock, the Cobra Libre II focuses on your most delicate spots—the tip and the frenulum below it.

It has different vibration modes and speed settings and comes with a USB charging port, so you can chuck those pesky batteries away. 

It’s perfect for solo sessions and steamy foreplay with a partner, and you can even use it hand-free.

19. Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker—See-though Stroking Sex Toy for Men 

tracey cox supersex stroker

  • $24.99
  • Multi-textures for enhanced sensation
  • Open-ended to suit all sizes
  • Perfect for beginners

With clear materials that help you visualize the fantasy, the Super Stroker by Tracey Cox is a male masturbation toy with multiple sensations.

On the inside, tickling tendrils graduate to ribbed chambers, where your peen gets royal treatment.

You get tendrils, knobs and variable tightness to get your juices flowing.

The Supersex Stroker is a nice choice for solo play but also a serious edition to couple play. The open-ended design allows your shaft to protrude on the other side, so your partner can orally stimulate the tip of your member.

20. Fleshlight Riley Reid—Men’s Sexual Toy Modeled After a Porn Sensation

fleshlight riley reid

  • $79.95
  • Popular Fleshlight sleeve
  • Revolutionary coil design
  • Has pleasure pockets built-in
  • Choose between Lady and Butt’s opening

Hollywood has the Walk of Fame, and the porn industry has Fleshlights. Well-established as an adult entertainer, Ms. Reid is a no-brainer choice for a sleeve.

The Riley Reid collection has two available options, the Lady opening, and the Booty opening. These come with the Utopia and Euphoria sleeves, respectively.

The Utopia is a ribbed sleeve with multi-sized textures and signature pleasure pockets for varied tightness. The Euphoria butt sleeve is home to pyramid textures that ideally mimic Riley’s anal prowess.

Interestingly to note, each endorsed Fleshlight is an actual mold of the porn star’s vagina …  so you’re in for a real deal. 

21. Lovense Gush—Novelty Men’s Sexual Toy for Tip Stimulation

lovense gush

  • $99
  • Hands-free glans massager
  • Remote control
  • Wings hug glans of the penis
  • USB rechargeable
  • 1.5-2 hours battery capabilities

The Lovense Gush is a wireless remote-controlled glans vibrator for men with quite a novelty design. 

Like a band, it wraps around the glans transferring strong vibrations throughout. You can opt to use the Lovense Gush as a stroker or for hands-free masturbation

Used on the base of the penis, it can provide some clitoral stimulation for a partner with a vulva. And since it’s a remote-controlled vibrator, it works great as a long-distance couple’s aid.

22. Tracey Cox Edge—Rechargeable Penis Pump for Longer Erections 

tracey cox edge

  • $99.99
  • Automatic suction pump
  • Three levels of suction with two interchangeable attachments
  • USB Rechargeable

The Tracey Cox Edge is an automatic penis pump that builds stamina and boosts erections. It offers powerful suction for increased pleasure. 

It comes with a pleasure attachment, which you can use in lower settings during masturbation.

If you struggle with erection retention, consider this a practical and pleasurable solution.

Nice perks we liked include a step-by-step guide from the Tracey Cox on how to get the best results from your Edge pump.

Studies conducted show that the Tracey Cox edge might increase the size of your erection by up to 30%. We think this might be a little over the top, but hey, they make that claim, so who are we to disagree? 

23. Lovehoney Rocks Off Big Boy—Best Male Sex Toy for Advanced Users 

lovehoney rocks off big boy

  • $59.99
  • Bulbous humps for better stimulation
  • Seven vibration modes
  • A bigger size gives a fuller feeling

Known as the Big Boy for a reason, this prostate vibrator is a reliable choice for experienced users. If want robust prostate sex, this is your guy.

Lovehoney’s Big Boy comes with a seven-setting bullet vibrator. This provides steady vibrations during prostate massages, plus it’s removable, so you can use it on your shaft, perineum or nipples. 

The shaft is akin to a petite dildo, with three bulbous beads to hug the prostate. As an advanced toy, it’s quite firm with a prostate-friendly curve.

24. Aneros Helix Syn Trident—Beginner-Friendly Prostate Massager for Anal Kegels

aneros helix syn trident

  • $69.95
  • Perfect for new users
  • Redesigned for extended pleasure
  • Several erogenous zones covered

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is perfectly designed for those that want to dip their toes into the world of prostate pleasure. 

The velvet touch silicone slides in easily, and the tri-tip shaft stimulates three pleasure points at the same time.

The design is perfectly balanced for superior internal movement, powered by your muscle contractions. Better still, you can use it with or without your hands.

We love the holistic approach to pleasure. The two outer tabs provide security and more stimulation, covering two pressure points—on the perineum and sacrum.  

25. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet—Double Stimulation Male Sex Toy for Couples

lovehoney bionic bullet

  • $24.99
  • Removable bullet
  • Double ring for added security
  • Battery operated
  • Waterproof
  • Designed for couples

This dual stimulation cock ring is designed for enhanced p-in-v sex. If you’re a couple into bedroom marathons, this one’s for you.

The two rings provide a secure hold during penetration and help extend your erection. Plus one of the rings is beaded for the wearer’s pleasure.

Secure, comfy and pleasurable, right?

On top of this, the bullet sleeve is clad in clit-stimulating nodules, which come to life with the five-speed bullet vibrator

The bullet is removable and can act as a stand-alone mini vibrator for external stimulation.

26. Aneros Vice 2—Best Male Sex Toy for Hands-Free Vibrating P-Spot Massages

aneros vice 2

  • $149.95
  • Four-speed selections
  • 18 vibration patterns
  • Wireless remote control 
  • Hands-free play

While Aneros has top-notch lo-fi prostate massagers, reaching down there with a bullet vibe can dull the sexy vibe. 

So they made the Vice 2.

If remote-control sex toys are your poison, and you like to lay back for hands-free prostate vibrations, then the Aneros Vice 2 is the Buzz to your Woody. 

Impressively, this vibrating male sex toy houses four speeds and 18 vibration patterns, all available at a press of a button. 

It’s a worthy indulgence for intermediate and advanced users

With the brand’s recognizable side tabs and curvy shaft, the Vice 2 contours in harmony with your body’s movements. 

27. Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive—Wonderful Male Sex Toy for Edging

kiiroo hot octopus pulse solo

  • $178.95
  • PulsePlate for intense climaxes
  • Interactive adult videos
  • Can be used without erection
  • Nine speed and six patterns

PulsePlate technology means there is no need to stroke, as this little number is an efficient hands-free sex toy for men. You can place the Pulse on the tip and kick back for pleasure.

The six vibration patterns offer premium edging, while the toy itself is made for a snug fit on your shaft, even while you quiver in pleasure.

What we love about this toy is that it’s ED-inclusive, and it can be used with or without a full erection. 

The interactive aspect is another top-shelf feature, and with adult videos and compatibiltiy with the best VR porn sites making for a fully immersive sexual experience.

Double Down on Pleasure with the Best Male Sex Toys

Shifting the perspective towards improved sexual wellness, sex toys for men now focus on more pleasure techniques than just stroking. From edging toys to prostate sensations, we’ve covered a big chunk.

If you’re ready to get stronger orgasms that linger on in your body, check out the Fun Factory Manta vibrating stroker. We love the versatility of the design, perfect for solo external stimulation.

For a classic approach to male sex toys, check the pocket-sized thunder Quickshot Vantage by Fleshlight. It’s perfect for solo pleasure, or with a partner during blow jobs.

There are plenty of satisfaction options for your senses, which help broaden your bedroom horizons in a jiffy. 

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