.Susan Goldsmith

Aug 4, 2004

Coming Soon: Bureaucratz N the Hood

Local officials embark upon a grand experiment to revitalize Oakland's worst neighborhoods one by one. Does it have a chance in hell?
Jul 14, 2004

The Real CSI

The crackerjack scientists at Lawrence Livermore's Forensic Science Center aren't merely solving baffling crimes. They're also watching your back.
Jun 2, 2004

Home for Good?

How Oakland is pioneering ways to keep parolees like Whitney Chappelle and Michelle French out of prison.
Apr 28, 2004

Frank’s War

How a Berkeley scholar's groundbreaking research sparked one of the nastier academic debates in recent memory.
Mar 24, 2004

Fighting a Third World Menace

Big Pharma's greed didn't stop Children's Hospital's Dan Granoff from creating a meningitis vaccine for Africa's poor.
Mar 17, 2004

Revolving Doors at John George

Alameda County pays psych contractor big bucks to purge patients from its mental hospital. Critics call the practice dangerous and unethical.
Feb 25, 2004

Measure R: Antidote for Crime?

Oakland leaders are split on a tax initiative that funds both cops and social programs, with no guarantees that either can stop the killing.
Feb 18, 2004

The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum

Staffers at Alameda County's psych hospital have long begged for better protections against violent patients. It took a doctor's murder to get them what they wanted.