.Jean Tepperman

Dec 15, 2021

Here Comes the Sun: California’s attempt to transition to solar energy is more fraught...

As increasing wildfires, floods and droughts continue to convince most people of the need to transition to renewable energy, the California Public Utilities Commission...
Nov 3, 2021

High Stakes: The movement for a countywide drilling ban gains momentum

In May 2020, when Brentwood resident Jovita Mendoza learned of a new proposal to drill oil and gas wells less than 1,000 feet from...
Oct 14, 2020

Transpandemic: Can BART, AC Transit survive economic toll of coronavirus?

The Covid-19 pandemic threatens not only the health of public transportation workers and riders, but also the health of Bay Area public transportation itself....
Sep 16, 2020

Refineries Renewed

Residents of East Bay refinery communities, public officials and environmental organizations had mixed reactions to recent surprise announcements by two Bay Area oil refineries:...
Jul 22, 2020

Toxic Relationship

California should begin gradually reducing output from its oil refineries in order to avoid climate catastrophe and to make the transition to clean energy...
May 20, 2020

It’s Down to the Wire for PG&E

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company faces a crucial deadline: Before June 30, it must get both the state of California and a federal...
May 13, 2020

The Oil Well Next Door

Environmental activists in Contra Costa County were shocked to learn recently that county officials are poised to greenlight a proposal to drill new oil...
Apr 29, 2020

What if They Held a Pandemic (And A Rent Strike Broke Out Instead?)

When Bay Area counties imposed stay-at-home orders to limit the COVID-19 epidemic, Richmond resident Blanca Retano lost her job as a parent educator at...