.Janis Hashe

May 31, 2023

Spirited Stories

East Bay distilleries have tales and tipples Not only do East Bay distilleries produce world-class spirits, but the stories behind their inceptions are beguiling. East...
May 31, 2023

Step Right Up!

UniverSoul Circus sparkles under the Big Top Those jonesing for the spectacular, death-defying and often hilarious experience of the UniverSoul Circus have endured a long...
May 24, 2023

Big Brown’s Battle

UPS Teamsters reflect union revivals On Aug.1, unless a contract is agreed upon, Teamsters Union members employed by UPS will strike across the country. This...
May 17, 2023

Dam Fine

East Bay MUD’s 100 years of a whole lotta water Turn on the tap and water gushes out, for washing hands, doing dishes or watering...
May 3, 2023

Safe at Home

‘Why is California not seeing results despite spending so much on government anti-homelessness programs?’ Billions of dollars have been poured into attempts to solve California’s...
Apr 19, 2023

Uke It Up

Ukulele Orchestra invades Berkeley  In 1999, well-known ukulele fan George Harrison wrote, “Everyone I know who is into the ukulele is crackers; you can’t play...
Apr 5, 2023

Find Your Muse

East Bay museums are for everyone Think museums are dusty old collections of boring stuff? That would be…completely wrong. The East Bay brims with lovingly...
Mar 29, 2023

Light in the Dark

‘FENCELINES’ fights back in Richmond Sometimes art speaks louder than petitions and public meetings. The creators and partners in “FENCELINES: A Collective Monument to Resilience” believe...