.Chris De Benedetti

Feb 26, 2020

Oakland Roots Ready for Home Opener on Saturday

New Roots midfielder Jonathan Orozco was born and raised in Oakland. Credits: Photo courtesy of Oakland Roots SC Last year, professional soccer planted seeds in Oakland....
Oct 22, 2019

A’s Might Have Perfect 2020 Vision

I know you're still feeling the pain, fellow A's fans. I am, too. The Wild Card loss to Tampa Bay on Oct. 3 ended another...
Sep 13, 2019

Oakland Roots Draw Big Crowds, Show Town Pride

It all was as Oakland as it gets. And I can offer no higher praise. I’m talking about the Oakland Roots Sports Club, the fledgling...
Aug 28, 2019

The Oakland Roots Plant an Acorn in The Town

The Oakland Roots have signed a number of Bay Area-bred soccer players. Credits: Photo courtesy of Oakland Roots SC Oakland's pro sports teams have never felt...
Aug 19, 2019

Oakland A’s Shake Off Injuries, Buck Odds to join Playoff Hunt

Buckle up, A’s fans. The final six weeks of the 2019 pennant race is going to be a wild, bumpy ride. Then again, you wouldn’t...
Aug 4, 2019

New Marshawn Lynch Film Goes Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch in a still from the film Lynch, a History Credits: Photo by Mike Morris A movie and panel discussion scheduled this Wednesday, Aug. 7,...
Jun 19, 2019

The Warriors Attempt to Reverse Their Legal Losing Streak

Something you may not ever see again: The Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. Credits: Bryce Edwards - CC The owners of the Golden State Warriors,...
Jun 5, 2019

Big Moments Expected in Oakland’s Summer of Transition

Kevin Durant’s long-term whereabouts will be resolved this summer. Credits: Photo by Cyrus Saatsaz CC It's going to be a summer of transition for East Bay...