Truth is Nuanced
Dec 5, 2023

Truth Is Nuanced

It’s hard to go about life as usual without pausing to think about what is happening in the Middle East. In case anyone’s been under a rock: After decades of tension between Israel and Palestine with intermittent...
Legal Weed Avoids Total Collapse... This Year
Dec 5, 2023

Legal Weed Avoids Total Collapse… This Year

In its nearly six years of existence, California’s legal pot market hasn’t developed in the way many advocates for legalization promised it would. The industry remains plagued with problems, most of them due to government policy: high...
The Lightness of Dark
Dec 5, 2023

The Lightness of Dark

Charming Disaster, the duo composed of singer/ukulele player Ellia Bisker and singer/guitarist Jeff Morris, write songs that concentrate on subjects seldom explored in popular music. Ghosts, paranormal activity and other inexplicable events drift through their singular lyrics,...
Nov 28, 2023

Free Will Astrology: Week of November 29

ARIES (March 21-April 19): As a child, I loved to go to a meadow and whirl around until I got so dizzy, I fell....
Young and Strange: A Review of 'Poor Things'
The new film, Poor Things, lands with a thud. In a scenario lifted from countless vintage horror/sci-fi flicks, it’s the old story of a mad scientist,...
Oakland's Mensho Innovates Ramen
The name of Chef Tomoharu Shono’s latest ramen restaurant, Mensho, combines the Japanese character for “men,” which means “noodle” in Japanese, with the first syllable of...
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