Woman Survives BART Suicide Attempt


BART train operators were probably a bit shaken this week, after two women attempted suicide by jumping onto the tracks — the first unfortunately succeeded, at ASHBY station on Monday. Today’s incident occurred at Glen Park station in San Francisco, when a middle-aged woman threw herself on the tracks, but apparently had a change of heart. She survived by lying between the rails as seven trains passed over her, The Bay Citizen reports. Finally, a Daly City-bound train operator saw her as he was entering the station just before 9 a.m., and did everything he could to stop the train (it is quite virtually impossible to stop a BART train on a dime, said BART spokesperson Linton Johnson). Police found the woman on a stairwell, covered in soot, but with only minor cuts and bruises. She was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for an evaluation. Johnson says that the media is partly culpable for documenting and highlighting the recent spate of BART suicides, which encourages more people to do it. Our bad.