Weekender: This Weekend’s Top Five Events


Glorious weekend! Herewith, our critics’ top event picks:

Cher Horowitz
Cher Horowitz: Great handle, impossible to Google. But despite the fact that this all-girl punk quartet shares its name with the much-more-famous Clueless heroine (and onetime idol of fifth-grade girls everywhere), it’s well worth whatever keyword acrobatics it takes to track ’em down: The band’s 2011 EP, the brilliantly-named Babes! Snax! Jamz! Outfits! Astrology! is a rollicking, reverb-drenched ride through the high school experience you never had; or like what might’ve happened if the fictional Cher Horowitz had gotten mixed up with a bunch of riot grrls in freshman gym instead of Dionne and Tai — or, maybe just Nineties pop-culture nostalgia done exactly right. That is, with fuzzed-our guitars, unrelenting drums, half-yelled lyrics, and a palpable (if snarly) kind of giddiness — neither too ironic nor too reverent, stuck in the delicious somewhere between complete seriousness and all-out joking and wisely employing the character less as a conscription than as a jumping-off point to sing about all kinds of problems (high school-specific or not). The show goes down at 924 Gilman (924 Gilman St., Berkeley), which means there’s a decent chance the Gilman audience will be too young to get it, but as Horowitz herself would say, What-ever! On Sunday, Apr. 29 with Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, American Splits, Jeff Rowe, Boxglove, and Criticism as part of a benefit for El Sobrante’s Hansel and Gretel cooperative preschool. 3 p.m., $5-$10 sliding scale. 924Gilman.orgEllen Cushing