Viral Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Dr. Dre Started Burning Man?


Burners are all a-twitter today over allegations by a mysterious person that Burning Man was started by rapper Dr. Dre, ne Andre Romelle Young. Posting on Tumblr, the accuser uses as proof a handwritten letter (clearly hard evidence!) from Dre to his now-wife Nicole Threatt , stating that he stumbled upon some “crazy, naked motherfuckers” while scouting locations in the desert for his “California Love” video. Dre remarks in the letter that the event was free, and he was going to have his office look into it because “someone should get behind this shit and make some loot of [sp] these fools….”

The poster says that “Dr. Dre is financially behind the Burning man Festival. Since 1995 he has paid the permit fees to the Nevada Bureau of Land Management and thus he collects the money from ticket sales sans some costs that go with the organization of the event itself. To avoid having to deal with scrutiny or show his participation in this event Dr.Dre does all burning man related business under a limited liability corporation called Black Rock City, LLC.” Clearly perturbed by the rising costs of sales of what was once a free event, the poster says, “By 2010 tickets ranged between 210-360 dollars depending on the type of participant and there was over 51,000 festival goers. On the low end of this equation Dre would have made 10.7 million dollars before expenses.”