(Updated) Cal Students Occupy Wheeler Hall (Again)


Looks like protests at Cal are heating up again after 17 students were arrested last night at Wheeler Hall. According to the Daily Cal, a small group of people are currently on the top of the building, making demands into a megaphone, and a crowd of about 300 people has amassed below them. The protesters’ four demands, twoth the Daily Cal about half an hour ago, are that the university “retract 32% fee increases, more democratic UC leadership, drop student conduct charges, [and] end Operational excellence,” the University’s recent cost-cutting reorganization effort. At least seven cops have entered the building, according again to the Daily Cal.

Update, 3:27: There are apparently now six protesters chained together on the roof. KTVU’s got some pretty gnarly footage here.

  • Twitter user Javier Panzar (@jpanzar)
Update, 6:55: They’re still up there! Per the Daily Cal’s twitter feed: The eight remaining protesters are apparently pledging to stay atop the building until given a chance to negotiate with Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. Wheeler hall has been evacuated and a crowd of about 300 is outside. Police in riot gear are attempting to clear the steps.