UPDATE: Kay Sorg Hearing Delayed Until September


According to the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, the Kay Sorg arraignment and plea hearing has once again been delayed. Her next court appearance will be September 24. Despite rumors to the contrary, Sorg has not yet entered a plea and no trial date has been set. For more information on the arraignment and plea hearing process, please see this previous post.

UPDATE 7/16/07: District Attorney’s office prosecutor Carrie Panetta informs us that Sorg’s next court appearance will be a demurrer hearing. A demurrer challenges the validity of a legal complaint without admitting or denying the charges made in the complaint. “In this case, the defense argues that the statute of limitations prevents these charges because there is no admissible corroborating evidence,” Panetta explains. “We believe there is sufficient corroborating evidence. If the Judge grants the demurrer, the case is dismissed. If the Judge denies the demurrer, the defendant will have to enter a plea and we will set the case for a pre-trial hearing to attempt to resolve the case or set it for a preliminary hearing where evidence will be presented.”