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The Rocky & Bullwinkle Triangle


1. In 1947, World War II veteran Jay Ward arrived in Berkeley to take
over a real estate business he’d inherited from his dad and opened an
office at Ashby and Domingo below the Claremont Hotel. On his first day
at work he stepped out his door to talk with his mail carrier. Little
did either know that they’d have a fateful encounter with a runaway
lumber truck that was just then roaring down Tunnel Road. The driver,
seeing a red light at Claremont Avenue, swerved to the right, crashing
into Ward’s front porch and nearly killing both men. 2. As Ward
recuperated in Alta Bates Hospital, a visiting fraternity buddy, Alex
Anderson, suggested ditching real estate and making cartoons for this
new medium, TV. 3. Later, when they needed a name for a big dumb moose,
Ward remembered the sign on a car dealership a few blocks down
Claremont Avenue: “Bullwinkel Ford.”