That’s Mister Bow Wow to You

A chat with the Lil'-est dog in the 'hood

Lil' Bow Wow

Lil’ Bow Wow has been a professional entertainer since he was six, when Snoop Doggy Dogg first took him on tour. Now, having just turned fourteen, Bow Wow is the hottest pubescent hip-hop act since Kriss Kross. His debut CD, Beware of Dog, was produced by Jermaine Dupri, the Atlanta hitmaker who was also the brains behind that teenage duo. The video for Beware of Dog‘s current single, a pro-abstinence rap titled “Puppy Love,” finds the young hero on a date with an older, taller woman, played by the sister of Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child. Bow Wow is adored by millions of young people–one of whom, ten-year-old Leeza Hildebrand, talked to him on the phone while he was in Atlanta rehearsing for a tour that stops at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre on Thursday.leeza hildebrand: Where are you from?

lil’ bow wow: I’m from Columbus, Ohio.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Yeah. I got two sisters.

What’s your real name?

My name is Shad Moss.

When is your birthday?

March 9, 1987.

What is your favorite holiday?

My birthday and Christmas.

How big is your house?

It’s pretty big.

Is your favorite clothing Fubu or Tommy Hilfiger?

Naw. I don’t like none of ’em.

Where do you usually shop for your clothes?

I either go to Gucci or Prada. I go anywhere. Pelle Pelle. I go to Phat Farm. That’s probably really about it.

What made you decide to wear a Mickey Mouse pendant?

I don’t know. Jermaine just gave it to me, and it was full of diamonds, and I just put it on.

What is “Puppy Love” about?

It’s not really serious type of love. It’s just like puppy love. It’s like a little entertainment type of little song.

Who is the girl in the “Puppy Love” video, and how old is she?

That’s Beyoncé’s sister, and I don’t know how old she is.

How did you meet Snoop Dogg?

I had jumped onstage, and Snoop, he wanted me backstage, so I went backstage and I met up with him, and that’s basically how I got discovered.

When you were ten years old, what were you interested in?

Playin’ basketball and doin’ my career–rappin’.

What famous person do you admire the most?

Nobody, really.

Who are some of your favorite rappers?

Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z, and Snoop.

Do you ever get tired and frustrated rapping and traveling for your tours?

Of course. All the time.

What are your hobbies?

I like shoppin’, I like eatin’, I like sleepin’, and I like workin’ and playin’ video games and shootin’ basketball.

What grade are you in?

I’m in eighth.

What is your favorite subject in school?

I don’t have one.

Since you say you want to be a scholar, what college do you want to attend?


How does it feel having girls crazy about you?

I feel real good, and I think it’s the most beautifulest thing. I mean, it’s real cool.