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Sep 28, 2022

OK’s Deli: Albert Ok’s sandwiches are everything with a bag of chips

What makes a good sandwich? Albert Ok, the chef behind OK’s Deli, agrees with the synthpop band Depeche Mode. You have to get the...
Sep 28, 2022

You Belong to U.S.: The U.S. military and American youth

Ah, the children! They belong to us, sayeth the Department of Defense. At least some of them do. It’s a little more complicated than it used...
Sep 28, 2022

History Stands Corrected: Research and action center will tell Panthers’ story, revitalize their goals

As a child growing up in Los Angeles, Xavier Buck had never heard of the Black Panther Party. “I learned very little Black history...
Sep 28, 2022

Chammeili: Exploring the magic in everyday life

Kaamya Talwar Sharma, the singer, songwriter and guitarist who fronts the indie pop band Chammeili, said music has always been in her blood. “I have...
Sep 28, 2022

Daddy’s Girl: ‘Blonde’ is more than you ever wanted to know about Marilyn Monroe

A few notes on Andrew Dominik’s Blonde: Let’s be frank. Do we really need another retelling of the Marilyn Monroe story? Might as well...
Sep 28, 2022

Joe Satriani: Surfing between the worlds of music and fine art

The late French visual artist Henri Matisse once said, “Don’t wait for inspiration; it comes while working.” It’s a mantra storied guitarist Joe Satriani...
Sep 28, 2022

Reefer Madness: Spurious claims about cannabis causing psychosis are making a comeback

Andrew D. Huberman, a neuroscientist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, caused a bit of a stir on Twitter last week when he...
Sep 28, 2022

Free Will Astrology: Week of September 28

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Poet Susan Howe describes poetry as an "amorous search under the sign of love for a remembered time at the...