Stoner Mauled by Grizzly Wins Suit; 2,000 Pounds of Pot Seized in Boston Apartment: Links


“Prince of Pot” Marc Emery — jailed for selling seeds — endorsed California’s over-21 legalization initiative on June 5; no doubt alienating the more radical reformers like Dennis Peron. … Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist site features Super High Me star Doug Benson in a podcast June 1. … Grizzly bear mauls stoner volunteer assigned to feed grizzly bear. Stoner sues and wins. Awesome-town. … 2,000 pounds of pot seized from one Boston apartment. The cops weren’t even looking for it when the homeowner ran away, arousing suspicion. Double-awesome-town. … Sarah Silverman thinks alcohol and every other substance other than pot is gross. Possibly why her sketch show bombed. … Don’t believe the hype: border cities are safer than most hoods. But you wouldn’t know that, cuz you’ve been media-tized. … The US jail population — which is the highest in the world — actually went down for the first time since 1982, which sort of coincides with the last time the nation ran out of money.