Special Sections

Buy That Fool a Tool

Some gift ideas for people who already have all that stuff in the catalogues.

Age of the Cult Classic

The beauty of the DVD revolution is the sheer breadth of releases available.

The Best Records of 2003

From world fusion to gangsta hip-hop to Broadway-bound folk princesses, our critics sift through the year's finest.

Outdoor Dining

Our second Annual Guide

Corn Is Out. Halo-Halo Is In.

Here in the international East Bay, it's time to broaden our image of what foods go best with summer.

When the Junk Piles Too High

Discarding the crap you've gathered in that garage or storage unit isn't as easy as you might imagine.

The Experts’ Favorite Nurseries

We asked eight East Bay landscapers and horticultural professionals to choose the nurseries they like the best.

Defending Your Turf

What's an environmentally conscious person to do to get rid of annoying ants, aphids, raccoons, or snails?


Summer Recreation in the East Bay.

A Different Kind of Golf

If the green is gray and the hazard is a storm drain or fenced-in lot, you must be playing urban golf.

The Ice Cream Man Cometh

Selling bomb pops to Bay Area kids is not quite as sweet as you'd imagine. But Mahmoud Rabah makes up for it.

Map Data

Descriptions and contact info for East Bay points of interest.

Soundtrack for the Shut-Ins

Three months. Ten bands. Thousands of pasty-skinned hipsters. A summer guide to the East Bay music racket.


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