Slate Beholds Robyn Twomey’s Revealing Pot Shots

Credits: Robyn Twomey

Arg, we never have enough time to give some proper love to Robyn Twomey for her revealing, brilliant photo series on the faces of medical cannabis use in California.

Twomey has shot for WIRED, Time, Twitter, The New York Times Magazine, and National Geographic, among others, and in her “medicine” series we see old grandmas, young Obama fans, suburban moms, and hipsters lighting up — medical cannabis patients all.

It’s stark and real, and the perfect opposite of the endless CNN B-roll footage used with pot stories. (You know what I’m talking about: close-up video of some goateed indigent with a fungal nail infection lipping some natty roach. Yup, that’s what all pot smokers look like.)