Saturn and Uranus Send Bolts from the Blue

For the week of April 21-27, 2010.


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself nearly speechless this week. As the celestial activity intensifies, the affairs of daily life grow increasingly complex — but not in any predictable way, which will make finding the right words more than a little difficult. “OMG” may be the only choice, as strange (actually, downright weird) plot twists throw even the best-laid plans into a tizzy. Be prepared for information from a variety of sources to alter perception and disrupt previously firm decisions. For some, these bolts from the blue illuminate what has been occurring beneath the surface of regular routines, and the bright new light transforms perceptions into sobering reality. For others, the emotional rug comes out from under, and what was once considered solid ground liquefies into uncertain terrain. And for still more, coping with this kaleidoscope of change, whether personal or collective, taxes overburdened nervous systems. Holding steady in the midst of so much upheaval requires a strong center and an even stronger heart.

The source of tumult is the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition. Exact on April 26, this tense interaction symbolizes the dissolution of the status quo, a breakdown that is taking many forms — some obvious, some subtle, and some completely unexpected. Saturn symbolizes the distillation of wisdom from experience. Uranus is the principle of revolution. Oppositions signify polarization. Keep in mind, Uranus only disturbs what is stagnant. So while it may look as if reliable structures are dissolving, it’s really lifeless systems, no longer valuable or viable, that are disintegrating.

This Saturn/Uranus opposition can also be framed as an opportunity to align form and content. Given our culture’s deep commitment to appearances, resistance to that paradigm shift is likely to be strong. The superficial won’t give up without a struggle. Too much is dependent upon looking marvelous rather than being marvelous. Possessions are more valuable than character. Video killed the radio star ages ago, and when it did, the branding of creativity became more important than the listener’s imagination. The petty travails of celebrities create more interesting news than what is actually occurring on the planet, unless a disaster of enormous scope captivates cultural consciousness. But even those moments of shared global concern dissipate without positive remedy or resolution, because in too many instances, the medium has become the message. Viewed through television, the actual suffering of our fellow humans becomes just another show — a cable event that asks for a donation without requiring physical participation. But the superficial does not satisfy the soul’s hunger for what is real.

As the coming weeks unfold, allow that hunger to stimulate an awareness of where your personal status quo is stagnant. And whether that stagnation is emotional, financial, political, or spiritual, be determined to change it. Words may fail, but positive action will work wonders. Align action with intention, and your form will express content. Encourage those you love to do the same and, when possible, lend a helping hand to your fellow travelers.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Keep a pad and pencil or a voice recorder on the nightstand. Your dreams are delivering detailed messages, chock-full of vital, helpful information about how to handle what’s ahead.

TAURUS There’s no need to fight over whose needs are more important — all needs are important, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s desires can be satisfied. The willingness to compromise is the key to success.

GEMINI You’re at the end of a seven-year career phase, and while it has delivered startling plot twists, some of those surprises have been beneficial. Take time to appreciate just how much you’ve grown.

CANCER Sobering realities and giddy declarations of love may share more common ground than you realize. Think synthesis and you’ll find a way to blend seemingly disparate opinions.

LEO It’s a deeply emotional week, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming or volatile. Share your feelings honestly and remember to listen just as openly as others express theirs.

VIRGO Sure, there are problem areas, but a constant stream of negative thinking won’t improve the situation. Rather than brood on what’s gone wrong, focus your attention on what is working, and working well.

LIBRA At first glance, it looks like a mixed-up, muddled mess of contradictory points of view. But a closer look will reveal how the pieces of the puzzle combine to create a positive picture.

SCORPIO Just like last week, teamwork continues to be of paramount importance. Do your best to put aside trivial differences, and concentrate on how to resolve significant oppositional opinions in ways that will allow cooperation.

SAGITTARIUS It’s a choice: Sweat the small stuff and be irritated about the details over which you have no control. Or opt to concentrate on the big picture, which will help you keep your perspective.

CAPRICORN Surprising conversations with significant others catalyze important realizations about how to refine social interactions. While some of what’s said is uncomfortable, much of it will be helpful.

AQUARIUS The need for quiet time persists, so rather than ignore or deny your need to hermitize, continue to honor those urges. Take care of yourself first, and you’ll soon be able to meet the demands of others.

PISCES The best way to keep a good attitude is to steer clear of negative conversations. So whether it’s with co-workers, best friends, Facebook posts, or casual encounters with strangers, if it isn’t positive, just say “no.”