San Jose Smells Like Poo


Well okay, just the airport. And just in Terminal A. But still, you kinda knew San Jose couldn’t escape its farm-town roots forever, right? The Merc reports that for the last several months, a nasty whiff of the old odiferous offal has been wafting among the poor employees who process your plane tickets and play rugby with your checked luggage. Although airport officials have yet to identify the source of the pestilential fog, they have taken some serious countermeasures, including setting up “industrial odor-neutralizing machines,” placing picnic tables outside so employees can eat their lunch without gagging, and pumping smoke through the facility when it’s not being used. And they’d be wise to keep it up; otherwise, someone might scream obscenities in the P.A. system, grab a beer, and jump down the inflatable escape chute.