Poverty Pimp Alert: Up With People, Oakland Style


So what brilliant ideas have the members of Oakland mayor Ron Dellums’ ultra-secret task forces come up with lately? You know, the task forces that hid from the public while they debated the most important issues of the city? The task forces whose reports Dellums has been too busy reading to, you know, govern the city? What inspired policy has come out of this grand, clandestine project? Pep rallies. In Oakland Tribune reporter Heather MacDonald’s latest story, the Neighborhood Organizing/Civic Participation Task Force, after meeting and deliberating for months, has “urged the mayor to reach out to Oakland’s youth by holding pep rallies at all of Oakland’s elementary, middle and high schools as well as college campuses to excite young people about civic participation and listen to their concerns.” Oh, and give us money, in the form of $5,000 checks to “complete neighborhood improvement projects.” You mean these projects have actually started?