Poverty Pimp Alert, Part II


Apparently, Ron Dellums can sleep on the job for more than three months, create task forces to conduct secret meetings but do nothing more than draft toothless position papers, and generally piss away his time in office, and his “We Shall Overcome” shtick still plays with people who should know better. Take the aforementioned Heather MacDonald story about the latest task force nonsense. Some people might think it’s just another waste of time and/or angle to suck on the public teat. But not the good folks at the California Majority Report. Referring to the same Trib story that got our attention, the Report’s editors write of St. Ron, “Dellums has allowed the community to ask a lot of him, but if anyone can harness support for large, institutional changes in Oakland, Ron is probably the man.”
With one sentence, the Report spreads two of the most annoying myths about Hizzoner: that the people of Oakland need Dellums’ permission to demand he do his job; and that he intends to anything close to creating “large, instutional changes.” As we warned he would more than a year ago, the mayor has been governing on Ambien. He wouldn’t even bother to break a City Council tie on which manager should run the Oakland Ice Rink, for God’s sake.

The California Report’s publishers are hardly naïve college kids willing to believe anything Mayor Dellums says; they include Don Perata cronies Jason Kinney and Steven Maviglio, two longtime Sacto wheeler-dealers. No, their job is to flack for any California Democrat, even when he’s nodding off on the third floor of City Hall.