.Perfect Pet Picks

Your non-human buddy needs something under the tree

It’s not too late to find the ideal gift for your adored pet, be they dog or bearded dragon.

Gifts for Dogs:

WildOne’s Bolt Bite. If you have a chewer, they’ll love this, billed as “the ultimate chew toy.” Made of 100 percent natural rubber, BPA-free, it has a reinforced center, two “elbows” perfect for biting, and open ends that treats can be stuffed into. Even the strongest jaws won’t destroy this baby. At least, not immediately. Comes in several colors and is dishwasher safe.

$22, www.wildone.com.

GoBone Interactive Smart Toy. A techie owner can now have a techie canine with this “smart bone,” created by a guy who wanted to keep his dog happy while he was working. The dedicated pet parent can use their SmartPhone to record videos of their dog tossing the bone all over instead of destroying the furniture. Made in the USA with food-grade, eco-friendly materials.

$129.99, www.mygobone.com

Zoo Snoods. White Christmas fans will flashback to the “snood” line. Everyone else will just think this line of knitted hoods for dogs is extremely adorable. New this year is the “Baby Alien” snood … I think we know who they mean, Mando.

$15.99–$29.99, www.zoosnoods.com

Gifts for Cats:

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. It’s groovy looking, but never mind that. What matters is that cats can’t seem to resist lying on, playing with, and best of all, scratching, this “lounge.” Made from recycled cardboard and nontoxic glue, it’s safe for the most dedicated clawing champion.

$59.95, www.pet-fusion.com

Deziroo Hide and Seek Unique Cat Toy Tunnel. Cats loooove bags, so give them a super-bag with the “cat tunnel,” inviting swatting, batting, hiding and chasing other cats in and out. Three-foot tunnel was designed by vets and made from biodegradable paper and cardboard.

$10.99, www.deziroo.com

SpaceKittyExpress Complete Cat-Drug Sampler Toy Pack. Lest you think we are promoting feline drug use—we are. From SpaceKitty comes this pack of four mouse toys stuffed with wild tatarian honeysuckle chips, silver vine leaf/fruit mix, organic valerian root/lemongrass mix and organic catnip. (Alert: the SpaceKitty folks admit “valerian is stinky.”)

$16, www.spacekittyexpress.com

For Parrots:

Sweet Feet & Beak Super Shredder Ball. Parrots are super smart and need stuff to do. This highly rated toy has proven to be a big favorite with psittacines.

$10.99, www.sweetfeetandbeak.com

For Bunnies:

Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball. Your honey bun can chew it, roll it, kick it and generally amuse themselves. Note: The Ware site lists nearby pet stores for purchasing.

$13.37, www.warepet.com

For Bearded Dragons:

Penn-Plax X-Large Lizard Lounger. This hammock, handwoven from natural seagrass fiber, gives new meaning to the term “lounge lizard.” Your dragon will swing in comfort in the most relaxing and warmest place in its pad. Note: The Penn-Plex site lists nearby pet stores for purchasing.

$13.99, www.amazon.com


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