Perata Quietly Gives More Money to Denham Recall Campaign


Hmmm. When Don Perata announced that he was giving up his bizarre campaign to recall Republican state Senator Jeff Denham, most observers took him at his word. After all, the affair had turned into a disaster for him, as major newspapers which had once been his best friends denounced him as petty and vindictive. Why wouldn’t he walk away from this fiasco? But according to the Contra Costa Times, The Perata-controlled Leadership California commitee has quietly given another $110,000 to the recall campaign. A Perata spokesman claimed that The Don was merely retiring campaign debt, but Denham spokesman Kevin Spillane said it best: “Is this a bait-and-switch effort by Perata, claiming to be out of the recall and pulling strings from behind the scenes? There’s growing evidence that might be the case.”